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DECEMBER 1, 2012 8:21PM

Women's Lib: The Never Ending Battle.....

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Women of The World: Unite!

As one of the generation of dedicated women who first fought so valiantly for Women’s Rights, I have to tell you that I’m sorely disappointed in today’s young women. You all go around acting like you’re quite happy to be merely a bit more than equal and have better than equal rights and things like that.

What’s wrong with you?!! Don’t you know that just being the dominant gender is NOT what we women fought so hard and long for? The men have held out on us and it’s your duty to get to work and fix that!

Perhaps You don’t know the history of our glorious movement. Listen up and I’ll give you an education……

One upon a time men left the house every weekday morning and went off to some place the called “work” to have loads of fun all day long. They worked for kindly old bosses who treated them well and valued them coming in every day even if they didn’t actually do anything worthwhile except play practical jokes on each other. And they got paid for this, too!

We women were left at home with a bunch of screaming brats that the men had unloaded on us (no pun intended) and all the housework. Now this, as you can plainly see, was grossly unfair; the men had all the fun and we got stuck with all the work. And the men got paid for this!!

Of course, them being men, they blew the money they got on stupid men stuff, like mortgages or rent, and food, utilities, the car, and all that dreary stuff, instead of lavishing it on us, the women whom they professed to love! What kind of love is it when they do that, I ask you?

So we women got fed up with this situation and demanded our rights. We demanded the right to earn our own money; to have a “job” outside the home, just like the men. We too wanted to get the heck out of the house and go off to a great job where we had fun all day and got paid for it. And by golly we got it!

But the men cheated us. The hid all those good jobs and kindly, respectful bosses so that we couldn’t find them. All we got were miserable old slave drivers who wanted to pay us a little as possible while demanding three times as much work from us as any person could possibly deliver.

Those darned men even went so far as to make it look like they too had to put up with such terrible working conditions and had been putting up with it for hundreds of years!  But we women knew better than that. There is no way that men would have tired themselves out and come home every day too tired to love us and pamper us  by just dumb old work. They had to have been having fun – loads of fun!  And now they wouldn’t share it with us.

So it’s time for us to rise up again and demand our fair share of the workplace fun. And it’s up to you younger women to get going on this. We more mature women will guide you and teach you but you are the ones who have to do this. You’ve got to cross your legs and not let your men have any satisfaction until they tell you where all those good paying fun jobs are that they’ve been hiding away from us.

And if that doesn’t do the trick, then you’ve got to just get all your men fired from their jobs by offering to do those jobs for less pay. Once you get those jobs you’ll soon discover how much fun they really are. Then we women can go to work all day, every day and have fun, fun, fun, while the men do the housework and take care of the kids.

Well……. Do the housework anyway. We might be having so much fun that we’ll not want to take time off work to have kids. And we’ll be pretty tired from all that fun at work and not really feel up to sex until the weekend, if then, so there might not be too many kids involved in this. It’s a good thing too. Men don’t know how to care for  kids anyway.

Liberation is upon us! It’s time for us to have fun too! Onward into a bright tomorrow! Viva The New Women’s liberation!




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Tee hee!

This one sure brought out the comments, now didn't it?


The women's liberation movement was enormously threatening to the US elite. From an economic perspective, capitalism would collapse without the immense amount of unpaid work women do. Capital accumulation would be impossible without the vast amount of unpaid work women do. Imagine if we had to pay women for the zillions of hours they spend looking after children, the elderly and their spouses?

In the beginning, before the National Organization for Women (NOW) was formed, the movement was united, rich straight women, together with Lesbians and working class women. After Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan founded NOW, they made it clear (Friedan later blamed most of this on Steinem) that Lesbians and working class women weren't welcome and the movement underwent a massive split. The Steinem founded Ms Magazine, the so-called official funding. With a lot of funding from extreme right wing and CIA-links sources (including Katherine Graham and the Ford Foundation). Ms Magazine was entirely devoted to the cause of "Queen Bee" feminism - the idea that if we create enough women doctors and judges, the benefits will trickle down to working class women. They totally ignored working class women's issues, which were taken up in a big way in Europe, Australia and New Zealand (free abortion, paid child care, paid parental leave, universal child allowances, etc).

You might be really interested in the following link:

It describes how Steinem threatened to sue Random House in 1980 if they published a book describing her early career with the CIA (spying on student festivals in Europe). This has all been thoroughly documented - Steinem herself admitted in both the Times and the Washington Post that she worked for CIA and found it "very valuable." A lot of women who have carefully studied Steinem's history and the positions she takes (that generally support US foreign police - like in Syria, for example) don't believe she ever left.
Man, in the olden days, you'd have already been hanged, drawn and quartered for this, even though it's satire.

As it is, the only way I could get to this post was when it showed on the cover. Have a few issues with getting at my account, don'tcha know.
Dr. Bramhall,

While your comment is on an entirely different perspective re the women's movement, it is still very informative, indeed!

I shall follow the link you've given for sure.

Thanks for your input.....

Yeah, just getting here is a bitch. I suppose that is part of management making it difficult for the hacker/spammers to get in. I just go to SALON, click on OPEN, then click on NEW POST, and from there to VIEW BLOG, to get to my page. I get straight through about 1/3 of the time. The other times, it's just keep clicking away until I get here. It seems to work somewhat better once here though.

I can see that someone is working on it. I don't expect to be kept in the know about what they're doing since posting about it would tip off the hackers also.

Keep the faith old friend, the glass is neither half empty nor half full - they just used too big a glass!!


I forgot to mention that Steinem and her ilk were mainly responsible for turning women's liberation into male bashing. WL wasn't supposed to be about beating up on men. It was supposed to be (for left-leaning working class women and lesbians, at least) about ending state oppression and exploitation of women. The male bashing is just the same old game of divide and conquer.
Dr. Bramhall,

Absolutely right! While an ardent supporter of Women's Lib in its early days, I soon became disgusted at it being turned into a war on men.

I reserve my support now for "Human Liberation" and will not be involved in the, so called, "War of The Sexes."