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DECEMBER 20, 2012 3:35PM

Guns ARE Dangerous: But Insanity Pulls The Trigger

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I've read about a hundred comments and blogs about the shooting. They blame everything from women's lib to having a small penis for things like this. They're all wrong. Somewhere, deep down inside of most of you, you KNOW what the real fault is; but your conditioning, since birth, won't let you acknowledge it.


Here it is:

Your whole "American" society is messed up. And the mess is a lot deeper than unequal pay for women, or large divorce settlements, or gun control, or..... well the list is apparently endless.

Look folks, a society - ANY society - comes into being to serve a purpose. That purpose is to provide a means for  its members - in this case you folks - to jointly protect each other, to jointly perform certain tasks which benefit each one of you; y'know, roads, hospitals, fire departments, police departments, defence, education, and so on. These are things that are better and more easily done by "the group" in most cases, than by the individual.

Societies also provide the means of developing technological advances and of allowing companies to grow and prosper and provide members of the society a way to earn a living.

Now, societies use systems; all kinds of systems and sub-systems to accomplish these tasks.  The two primary systems are the social system and the economic system.

The social system has the purpose of determining the social goals, needs, and wants of the population. It is responsible for organizing things in such a ways as to bring them about as efficiently as possible.

The economic system determines how the members of a society will afford the costs of achieving social and personal goals. The capitalist system is the Rolls Royce of systems. It is the most productive, profitable system that there is….. When it is used right.


When it is NOT used right, we get the mess we now have.

The right way to use it is to make it totally subservient to the social system. It must never dominate the social system to the point where it uses the population merely to achieve economic goals. On the contrary, the social system must make use of the economic system to achieve the goals of the society.

An economic system is a tool. Just as fire is a tool. The capitalist economic system is a wonderfully efficient tool and is of great value. But it is also a very dangerous tool; again just like fire. If it gets out of control it does great damage to the society.

I think most of us realize that our economic system has gotten out of control. It has established itself as dominant over the social system and forces the citizens to obey its rules, work for its goals, and be concerned with its advancement. It does this at the expense of the social good.


The predatory greed form of capitalism is an abomination.

Look around you at what it has done to the countries that it has come to dominate, particularly yours. People no longer matter. Only the almighty buck matters. No values are acceptable unless they promote economic gain….. and that gain is NOT shared with the society or its people in any meaningful way!!

People have become so devalued in this $$ dominated society that they are nearly all bent, psychologically, to some degree or other. All human values are secondary to economic ones. This is wrong. This is horribly, terribly, incredibly, inhumanly wrong.

And this is at the root of  so many citizens needing therapy to get through their days. And so many, who don't get therapy, going off the rails. That they do so is no surprise, if you think about it. That some just give up and commit suicide is obvious. That some go into a sudden rage and take out a school full of children is just another symptom of this psychologically unbalanced, economically dominated society.

As long as money is valued more than people are this is going to be the hallmark of the society. It's time the society began to get the horse back in front of the cart. Get the social system back on top of the economic system. Put the needs of people ahead of the needs of wealth accumulation. Organize things  so that all people of the society benefit from its economic system instead of just a few. Eliminate some of the unhealthy mental pressures created by trying to accommodate the predatory economic form of capitalism. It's time to build 'real' capitalism. Citizen's Capitalism. With fair and equitable competition instead of this insane oligarchy we've gotten ourselves into.


The problem is not lack of jobs - the problem is lack of income!

Our modern society cannot any longer provide enough decent jobs for its population. So it MUST provide a basic alternate income. There's plenty of room for all the competition we could ever want, after we level the playing field. Our country is rich enough to do so. Easily.

We don't need to do something stupid, like adopt socialism or fascism, or communism. We just need to insist that our perfectly good capitalist system be put to work to serve all of our society instead of just a lucky few. Trust me; it can do so. It can do so, so well that it'll amaze the people and confound the socialists.

We know that we need to do this.

We are smart enough to figure out how to do this.

But do we have the will to do this.........?

We’d better – Our very sanity is at stake!

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Out of all I've ever read, I haven't read anywhere at any time where greed was not KING! Money killed these kids as much as it did 9-11 and the economics of the poor in the world who look at us like we are greedy bastards and we are brother, we certainly are!
Well said. Let's hope for a day when the people do other than meekly complain. They must do something constructive to improve the sickness of the economic system for the benefit of all in society.

Well stated Sky - now which Political Party wants to tackle it & get the ball rolling? If we didn't have to fight these foreign wars; we'd have some money to work with - to buy back guns & treat mental disorders with compassion & grace in proper facilities; not prisons.
Ah Scanman, you need to read a bit more about the original people of North America, and the Polynesian people. A good many of them went along just fine with no "leaders" of any kind too! No laws, just very strong social customs. No courts, no punishments, no jails. Civilizations far, far advanced over ours. Needless to say, our ancestors couldn't have that - so they killed it wherever they found it.

Lyle, good thoughts except there is no "they" in this case. It's all "we" I'm afraid.

Marilyn, exactly right!
But you will not find a political party in existence today that will take it on. Perhaps this has to be done by "we the people" instead of by any two-faced, duplicitous, untrustworthy political party. No politician would even think of it unless he clearly saw how he would profit by it.