Eschew Obfuscation - Espouse Elucidation

Freedom of Speech Doesn't Ensure Freedom After Speech
DECEMBER 21, 2012 6:24PM


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"Do not lead - I'll not follow"

"Do not follow - I'll not lead"

"Walk beside me as my equal"

"I obey no master"

"I ask no obedience of another"

"If I cannot live as a free man, I'll die as one"

"I'll not give you freedom, for what I give I can also take away"

"But I'll give my life to help you when you take freedom for yourself."

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Oh, I don't know. I always followed the dictum: Lead me, if you can. Follow me, if you must. But get the hell out of my way.
Insighful. On the Path.

Rated. Lyle, the prairie lad.
Wise words, Sky. The vision of a hopefully free culture.
I especially love the last line of this poem.