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DECEMBER 26, 2012 7:27AM

The Collapse: Will You Survive?

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Will You Survive The collapse?

We, on the North American continent, are not agrarian any more. We are no more able to survive in the manner of our ancestors than we are able to sprout wings and fly. Not only do 95% of us not know mustard seeds from rabbit droppings, we don't want to know.

Pretty much most of us know that the system we've got going is in serious trouble. It is no secret that even the elite, with their incredible riches, are expecting a major crash in the near future. Their preparations are well under way in various places around the world. They'll be OK, you may be sure of that.

For the rest of us? Well, for the rest of us in North America it will be survival of the best prepared - or the luckiest! Think for a moment of what you know of human nature as it is represented by us. Leave out those people of other nations and cultures.

Our cities have an average of 3 days supply of food on hand. Now, using what you know of North American style human nature, what do you suppose will happen when that three days is up and the food is gone?

The largest portion of us (about 95%) will not have prepared for the coming collapse other than to get a gun and some ammo. The few who are preparing by getting a bit of land and learning to grow crops for themselves and their families are signing their own death warrants by doing so. This also applies to those smaller communities who are also becoming self sufficient. Larger groups of people – numbering in the thousands – who are able to defend their territories, will likely be able to fend off the hordes of starving urbanites that head their way, if they are well organized. 

Do you expect that the 90% of our population living in urban settings will just quietly die? Or that they'll "somehow survive" for long enough to plant crops? Plant what? Urban people have no seeds. And even if they did have seeds, where in hell do you plant enough food for the population of a major city? And who knows how to plant crops in the first place?

You know bloody well what will happen. When a few hundred million hungry people ask themselves, "where can I get some food?" The obvious answer is, "in the country." And out they'll come. Tens of millions of them in a flood of hunger; most of them probably armed to the teeth.

How long will you and your little farm last in the face of that mob of people determined to eat anything edible? They'll eat everything you've got; everything. They'll make locusts look like pikers. You'll be lucky if they don't eat you.

If, by some miracle, they leave you alive, you'll have little choice but to join them as they sweep outward IF you are young and healthy enough to stay in the vanguard. If not, just stay where you are and make peace with your coming demise.

To keep this short, about 90% of our present population will not survive the first two years. Those who do will be made up of two types, raiders and defenders. And the ratio of defenders to raiders will be about 1 to 200. Very, very few communities will be able to both survive and defend their territories. And the raiders will be prepared to die trying to take those territories. They'll have no other choice. They'll have no knowledge of how to survive otherwise and if they're going to die from hunger they'll decide to risk death trying to take food from others – you! Those who did prepare by taking all the sensible means available to them will likely be among the first victims.

People who advocate returning to a simpler time have it right. It would definitely be a better way to live. But we've already gone past that stage of development. We'll only return to it through a total collapse of our present system and years of terrible suffering and struggle.

Oddly enough, our only real hope, as nearly as I can figure, is to move ahead. Yeah, I know. It looks pretty bleak up ahead too. We seem to be heading for a theologically loaded fascist oligarchy.

So we're caught between a rock and a hard place. But, trying to go backwards is no good because if we do that, we'll just eventually  "make progress" again and that will return us to this same situation once more at some  time in the future.

So I opt for going ahead. Even the worst of futures will involve change and mankind has the potential to learn and change for the better. Not a giant hope by any means, but there it is; we go forward or we go back.

We do live in "interesting times," don't we?

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What a depressing scenario. It will take more than hope to change this bleak future. Action and caring and giving, instead of taking will be needed.

Have you been watching Soylent Green again?
Still, I hear you...
Sure, that could all happen. Maybe it's even likely. If so, as we've discussed before, I have no intention of surviving it. Not the slightest desire.
We DO live in interesting times. The best; think about it: is there any other time you'd rather be alive? I don't doubt that the picture of the dismal future you paint could happen. But it's not the only one. And even if it or something like it came to pass, disaster doesn't just bring out the worst in people; it often brings out the best. Gary F. points out how technologically complex and interdependent our society is - but that's a major advantage over any other period in history. It's only a matter of time before harsh, unstable governments fall. In the face of social networks and instant communication, their days are numbered. That's a very good thing. I see the future as exciting and full of promise. I agree that change is necessary on a lot of levels but it can happen. We have to move forward because that's what we're hardwired to do - that and survive. Yes we have the means at our disposal for our own self-destruction but we also have the most sophisticated tools available for finding solutions - that plus the minds, the hearts and the combined will of a lot of people who'd be able to work together no matter where in the world they are, to find answers. I'm hopeful. Partly because t's better than the alternative but also because I believe there are a lot of reasons to feel that way.
Stupid interesting time!!! :(
If it happens in this way I would rather not be a part of it...if it happens and we as humans finally come together I am more than willing to pull my weight to help all to survive...
What kind of action?
Who should be caring about whom?
How does this all get done without talking?

Stocking up on survival supplies and weapons will not likely be of any great help to individuals unless they join together into fair sized groups for defence of themselves, their supplies, and territory to grow more.
Some of the present co-ops have the potential to become solid defensive groups. People might look into joining some now and getting themselves established as part of the membership.

When the crunch comes you can expect Soylent Green - a manufactured product - to be bypassed in favour of long pig roasted on an open fire!

I don't expect to survive it so what I might - or might not - desire, is moot.

If I understand you correctly, you are hopeful because you are hopeful.

I like the idea that people will be helpful and caring in such a crisis. But I don't see them being very helpful and caring without one so......
Pardon me if I'm a tad skeptical that the raiders and the defenders will offer much help to each other. Each, within its own group, might; but that's a different scenario.

The high tech that you think can help to bring down bad governments also helps such governments stay in power. That's a two-edged sword if ever there was one! A cell phone is little help against a drone.

I think your glasses are a tad rose coloured-ish. By what method would you prefer to be cooked?

People would eat each other if giving the chance(and not in that good way either!!)

Yeah. We're beginning to discover the real meaning of that old Chinese curse.......

You might not have the option to "not be part of it." I hope you do but I'd recommend that you get involved in a few co-ops so as to be part of a caring membership long before any crunch comes along. A little foresight goes a long way when it comes it survival.

Tink again,
"Do you want fries with that?"