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JANUARY 3, 2013 4:13AM

Terrorist Escapes To Canada

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Homeland Security Fails To Stop Escape of

Major Terrorist Organizer

 WTF Wire Services

MIDWAY, British Columbia, Canada – It was learned yesterday that the notorious Al Qaeda organizer, Iskat Felineqi Tinkatqus, sliped across the American-Canadian border into Canada at about 2:00pm today.

 It seems that Tinkatqus was spotted by Homeland Security agents and initially stopped by them while still on American territory. Oddly enough Tinkatqus, known as a very tough hombre, calmed the suspicions of the sharp-eyed and well armed Security agents by rubbing against their ankles and purring until they were fooled into thinking that he was safely in custody. Tinkatqus then made a bold leap for the Canadian border, outrunning Homeland Security’s best agents handily.

 He is shown in the photo being stopped by the ever vigilant Homeland Security agents.

cat,swat,guns A senior Homeland Agent, who asked not to be identified, stated that Tinkatqus was thought to be in the US to foment unrest and rebellion among his followers who have been organizing a feline OCCUPY movement to protest the lack of fresh cream and Fancy Feast that their owners can not afford now that taxes are going up for average folks.

 Anyone sighting Tinkatqus is asked to keep him away from going down the hill, over the mountain, and into the River. (40) 

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Where are the drones when you need them?
Catnip anyone? Good story. Rated.
Forget the Fancy Feast, there's better rats in Canada, that's why he's going there.
I hear his real name is Agent Jack Bauer and he's got 24 lives. He won't be caught until he he wants to be caught.
Them drones are all over the Niagara Peninsula....

Muslim qats don't indulge in nip.....

Heck we've got rats bigger than Tinkatqus up here; but he can nibble on some meeses......

Canadian meeses have their moles too.....

As you can see by the photo, his disguise is pretty good. I'd never have thought that a big old orange qat could disguise himself as a young grey qat......

Handily!!! ;-)
I'm still rolling sky. This is going on my Facebook!
Yer welcome....!
A couple of Darth Vader's apprentices and their pet!