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FEBRUARY 2, 2013 2:57AM

Happy Groundhog Day, Y'All....!!!

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Because of the very strange weather we've been having lately and our desperate need for Willie to do his thing, I've issued a special plea, in this
for him to
if spring won't start soon.   

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Hey! Be nice now. I've waited almost a whole year to get out that nonsense of "Emergency" vs "Emerge - 'n - See".
I get it. Now I'm going back in my hole to wait for spring. R
Very clever, for a devious cat. R.
Yup. They did; he didn't -- spring is coming early.

Now come down here and help me shovel the %*)#$ early spring from our driveway.
Whoppee! We have an early spring! errp... and a longer fire season...
I'll send someone to wake you when it arrives.

They'Re addictive

Not half so clever as some think they are.....

Am busy shovelling 5 inches of "Sunny with Cloudy Periods".

Buy more weenies and marshmallows...... ;-)
[r] PA and Staten Island ground hogs didn't see shadows but weather people insist they are wrong. More winter to come. Where is the albino ground hog from? best, libby
The following may interest you.....

Wiarton Willie is Canada's famous albino prognosticating groundhog!

Wiarton Willie has put the town of Wiarton on the map, bringing thousands of tourist into the quaint town each year. The town responds by hosting a week long festival, that draws thousands of visitors from around the region and media from across the globe!

Wiarton loves their beloved groundhog so much that they have branded the town "Willie's Basecamp"! Banners, signs and sidewalks all boast that Wiarton is Willie's hometown.

In 2012, Willie moved from his old home to a new home in beautiful Bluewater Park. His view has improved, now looking out over picturesque Colpoy's Bay and he can now greet visitors stopping in to the Visitor Information Centre.

Willie loves living in Wiarton and enjoys recieving visitors all year round, stop in for a visit any time!

I'm told that other places also have prognosticating groundhogs. Even some in the USA. It is hard to tell them apart if they're Canadian but there is a label on the American ones that helps; it says. "Made in China".

sky, sounds like a sequel to the Murray movie. Go for it! best, libby

ps This from the weather channel:

"Uh oh! The stars of Groundhog Day are disagreeing about what's next for winter.

"According to legend, when the groundhog doesn't see his shadow on February 2, spring will come early.

"Saturday morning, a crowd of about 20,000 people roared as Punxsatawney Phil, Pennsylvania's famous groundhog, foretold an early spring when he didn't see his shadow."

[20,000 people!!! Dear God. It was so cold.]


"Georgia's General Beauregard Lee saw his shadow, disagreeing with the prediction of other famous groundhogs

"Three hundred miles to the east in Staten Island, NY, Staten Island Chuck also didn't see his shadow, encouraging the crowd which was standing in single-digit wind chills, that the warmer season was near.

"A third groundhog, Ohio's Buckeye Chuck, also delivered news that winter would wrap early.

"But Atlanta's General Beauregard Lee disagreed with his furry pals to the north. Lee says six more weeks of winter is ahead.

"North Carolina has two prognosticating groundhogs, and even they disagreed with each other.

"Raleigh's Sir Walter Wally predicted six more weeks of winter, while Charlotte's Queen Charlotte sided with the northern groundhogs by not seeing her shadow, signaling an early spring."

There ya go. Proof positive that you can't trust the media to get ANYTHING right!

You'd think, after all these years, that the media would know perfectly well that the weather is different in different places and not expect our hard-working groundhogs to be predicting all weather everywhere at one time.

Maybe it's time we let the groundhogs write the news stories and see how good the media are at predicting the weather.