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Freedom of Speech Doesn't Ensure Freedom After Speech
FEBRUARY 4, 2013 3:52AM

Government Sex For Pensioners

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And they give you a kiss if you smile for the cameras(they're filming a commercial!! :D)
I often wondered why Mom moaned in her sleep.
Well, my first reaction when I read the title in the stream was "I'm Moving to Canada"_
then I saw what you meant- I get that at home
maybe that's an even better reason to move to Canada.
By the time you did the paper work, the moment would have passed. R
i want that tattooed on my FACE.
Do you have patent on thes cool T- shirt?
I just noticed this: my post is currently sandwiched between one about government sex and another about anal probes. I feel like I should change my title but everything I come up with involving books & sex sounds so vile. And painful.
You're on top of the sex and probes now Margaret. Doesn't sound quite right does it? And Icyhighs, I need to apologize. We haven't met and when I glanced at your comment and name I saw Icy Thighs. ;-)
I hope it comes in an XL - I'm gonna sleep in it! R
Good t-shirt but can you send me one that says something like
"It takes a blow job to get my heart started each day".
Well, like most men I can't reach and ..............

You're still mad I see.
They'll even leave a nickel in your hand if you bring your own KY.....

In her sleep? Lucky her - these days we moan 24/365

If they send wine or flowers it's not rape; but either way ya still get the big one up the ol' wazoo!

That's only if you want something back. Paperwork means nothing at all when the first page is a cheque.

Tattooing that on your face would make the question of getting sex moot, to say the least.....

Tink & Me can create the MOST interesting 'sandwiches'!!

Mine is in XXXL so I don't know about little XL sizes....

Dr. Bramhall,
If you can't sew really well, then you need the kind of idiot friends that I have who can actually joke about our 50%+ taxes here in "FREE" Canada.

You came by!

Yup....... as a hatter!!!

Make mine an XXL! It's a Big Government after all!