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FEBRUARY 10, 2013 12:27PM

Delightful Snow Snark!

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Free Snow

I don't know who created this but it's terrific! 

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If it's all gone when you get here, come back tomorrow; we've got more on order for delivery tonight.... hee hee!

....and I hear more coming at the end of the week to the midwest. February....a rough month.
can i put it on lay away till july?
I shall be pleased to allow the midwest to enjoy that to the fullest without feeling any obligation to share with us.

Sorry, we're trying to clear room for Valentines's Day chocolate & good stuff.
Thank you, but I'll pass for now. I couldn't imagine trying to shovel right now.
YAY!!! FREE SNOW!! Wooo!! ~runs out to discover free rain has been delivered~ :D
We drought sufferers are drooling. I wonder what could be causing these extremes?
This elicited a cheerful bark of laughter. Thank you, sir. Here's your rate. (R)
Snow jobs are often delivered by politicians. Are they finally running out of hot air? R.
I need to find one of those! ~r
Sky, that's very clever! I can envision the same type of sign for areas that regularly get hit with monsoon-type rainstorms, too..."bring your pail, it's all yours."