Eschew Obfuscation - Espouse Elucidation

Freedom of Speech Doesn't Ensure Freedom After Speech
FEBRUARY 11, 2013 7:26PM

Oops! Your Exceptionalism Is Showing...

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 Every day

In every way

We get a little bit worse

Than yesterday...

USA..... USA....! 


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Bwahahaha! Oh, man that's good! R
How unashamedly deceitful.

And it would be better if we made and bought all things we made "ourselves" - We all get exactly what we ask for.. cheap.
[r] There was a town in Japan called Usa. After WWII there was a rumor that that city was stamping and shipping products made in Usa as made in "USA". Apparently this is untrue according to snopes. There was a long-ago founded city named that, not changed for exploitation, but goods were not stamped with that, they wouldn't have gotten through customs. Back when regulation was more serious than now.

Now stamped made in Japan does not mean the item is "shoddy" like in their post-war days and America's hey day for manufacturing. Now with China and their poor regulations over there and our lousy and underinvested in regulators over here ... oy vey.

Sad story with our unions, now. Buying American -- are we helping workers who will just get shafted as execs greedily take the money for themselves and not share profits with them, those few who are still manufacturing. As they think nothing of outsourcing. And then there is prison labor. A BIG secret but look at all the serfs trapped there.

Union hierarchy has sold out union workers. They enjoy their six-figure incomes and play bipartisan incrementalism bullshit with Dem Party a/k/a Republican corporate party light but no longer that light. Contributing to more serfdom and third world wages here. Put up or shut up. Those protesting can choose to be unemployed. Our workers are pitted against the Asians, etc., in terms of who will work for the lowest wages.

In Bush- and Obama-lands, a real race to the bottom for the working class. Minimum wage jobs are to be struggled for.

best, libby
Woo that is a good one!!
Sooooooo........... Now you know where your jobs are.

Y'all remember jobs, don't ya? That's the gainful employment you no longer can find because the jobs are outsourced......

If you take your hose nozzle apart, you have to expect to find trouble. R
Ironic. We made the plastic piece.
Ooops. @ Gerald, you crack me up!

I heard a great talk by Richard Wolfe the other day. He's vigorously campaigning for self-governed worker owned enterprises and has some innovative proposals for setting them up. If workers owned their own companies, they would have no incentive to send their jobs over to China - or to pay their CEOs gazillions of dollars.
yaknow,ya keep playin wit yer nozzle,you'll go blind....
Dr. Bramhall,
You - and Richard Wolfe - have almost got it. All you need to do is get rid of that silly socialist "workers against owners" attitude that still underlies that idea.

It is not only the "workers" who need to be owners of companies, banks, etc., etc. It is EVERYBODY who should own shares in them. Just like "the rich" do now. And for the same reason, to share in the profit from them and control of them.

This is what I've been trying to get across to people. It's called (by me) "Citizens' Capitalism". And yes, it takes the ugly out of capitalism because we're not likely to allow this, citizen owned, form of capitalism to become greed motivated, predatory capitalism. That would be like trying to feed on our own flesh.

Everybody should, as a birthright, inherit shares in our corporate world. We should ALL be the owners, share holders, workers, and customers of our own corporations. You can't get more democratic than that! Nor more economically stable!