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SEPTEMBER 8, 2008 2:33PM

Beyond the Palindrome

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In the absence of any other Sarah Palin media appearances, I saw this clip (below) of Sarah Palin talking up her corporate Christianity at this church (?) in Alaska. It's pretty horrifying to see that mix of commerce and Christianity thrown out without irony or hesitation. Truly, the moneylenders are in the temple, where the Republicans are concerned. She turns up around 2:30 into it, and preaches the gospel of prosperity and development of natural resources, for sure, and seemed really impressed by her ability to broker a $30 billion natural gas pipelie deal for Alaska, assuming God's will was done, of course...

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What frightens me so much about wearing that Christianist talk on the shirtsleeves where public policy is concerned (and wedded to the economy) is who do you blame when you lose a deal or a policy fight? The Devil? Atheists? It just points to how bad it is for a public official to so clearly be a theocrat, at least in this country. The only thing worse than being a cynical Christianist charlatan would be a diehard fanatic Christianist true believer.