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JULY 9, 2011 4:34PM

Chincoteague Beach: A Love Story

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What agency, what mover, what angel lacquered this landscape?

The world smiles to have you at its center

The Ponies prance and quiver at your presence….

Standing on the playa, I hear the seabirds chatter

Misty, I love you even more.

Here we splash, far from home,

Sunning on the breeze-burnished beach at Chincoteague


The same sky glows above us

Our footprints in the sand will melt, tide-swept by the growling ocean—

Our pictures tell a pretty story

But we will never leave this place or question what it means:

A prelude to a loving journey,

Chasing warmer suns and brighter skies….

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poetry, open+call, romance, travel

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I know that place and you evoked it.