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MAY 15, 2010 9:32AM

The Menstrual Avenger Must Have Been Created By a Man

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I recently had a D&C for diagnostic purposes. I’m forty six and my periods are very abnormal. For the recovery, I thought it would be fun to read up on menstruation and the taboo culture around it. I admit I was a little high on pain killers and my memory is a blur but my favorite book was Flow the Cultural Story of Menstruation by Elissa Stein and Susan Kim.


The fuzzy standouts from this book are as follows:

The first time that the word 'period' was mentioned on US television was in 1985 with Courtney Cox for Tapax tampons.

 There is a  Museum of Menstruation and it belongs to a man. I think it has since been closed since the authors wrote this book.

Lysol was once used as a douche and possible birth control method. I had seen this ad before and never realized that Dave was closing his 'wife' out because she had a smelly vagina. I just thought he was another emotionally unavailable man. Now every time I use Lysol to clean my kitchen floor, I not only marvel at it eerie florescent green color but that women actually put this same formula into their bodies in the hope of saving their marriages. Perhaps this ad campaign was conceived by a man


There is a Menstrual Avenger. Watching this cartoon is a little like watching a train wreck, and I believe that the creator, Zeebarf, is a man.The book does not really detail this animated short but I could not resist checking it out.

Recently a FaceBook friend noted that' Whoever came up with the ad, "Have a happy period!" needs to be force-fed Midol, taken outside, & shot with tampons!!!', I was thrilled to be able to let her know that it was possible with the help the 'Menstrual Avenger.'

With regard to this 'Have a Happy Period' Campaign, I do not believe that it was conceived by men. There are so many women in advertising today.  Have a Happy Period E-cards must be a brain child of a very forward thinking product manager.

Proctor and Gamble has established a 'Happy Period' Website with friendly girl advice, games, Have a Happy Period e-cards -and my personal favorite a down loadable gnome t-shirt decal. Which I plan to use as a pick me up for my daughter.


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haha, I think you captured the books's fun tone. rated.
Thank you I really had fun with the links. My 14 year old daughter yelled at me the whole time she was teaching me.

My husband just showed me the viral videos that you wrote about. They are fun.