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January 01
Snarky is my elusive muse. It is grasping for the unobtainable that causes anguish, and in the anguish and negative space, creativity can flourish.However, I am afraid that Snarky has given me very little to chase after lately....maybe...if I'm really lucky, he will send me a picture of his poison ivy.



SEPTEMBER 22, 2010 9:21PM

My Psychic Friend Is My OnLine Guide

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Navagating online relationships are difficult for me. I need face to face interaction. I need to hear the nuance in the voice. Someone can say they love me but an almost imperceptible roll of the eye will tell me otherwise. This is why I am so lucky to have my psychic friend, Wendy, around to guide me. Wendy can feel energy through the computer and she can look at a picture and know the true nature of the person behind the keyboard.

 I first learned of her uncanny ability when I first showed her the picture of my old co-worker and muse, Snarky, almost two years ago.

“Wendy, Let’s take a look at a guy I used to work with at Glott, Marks (not real name). Can you get the Glott Marks website? It has his picture and his bio.” I said poking at her computer

 Wendy said “Is this the guy?”

 “Yes. He had hair when I knew him.” I said

She studied the picture carefully. “Oh Laura, He looks very unhealthy. You know I’m a little psychic. I can tell a lot from looking at a picture” She gave me a pitying look.

 I looked at the picture of the middle aged balding attorney. He looked like an archetypal image of a chubby smart ass attorney … a tough businessman… "He does look a little mean though…Do you think he’s nice?” I asked.

 Through Wendy’s guidance I learned to interact with the smartass, snarky attorney as if he were a little abused dog. We needed to make him feel safe and secure so he would come out and play with us. He did indeed turn out to be quite nice and playful- if a little misunderstood and very easy to misunderstand.

 Wendy explained that when she was a social worker in a woman’s homeless shelter, she had a resident who refused to come in to her office. Everyday she waved hello to this woman until the woman trusted her enough to come in and talk to her…she explained that this is how it was with Snarky, the virtual BF that we now both share.

Wendy can also look at a blogger’s post and get an idea of the person. Once I suggested that three different blogs were written by just one person with Multiple Personality Disorder… because the Is were not capitalized in any of them.

“No that is very rare. Blogger X is not blogger Y…I can feel it.” Wendy continued “Blogger Y is drunk. This kind of writing is a drunken rant. Y is definitely not the same person as X. Oh yes and this picture of Y indicates that this woman drinks.”

 Recently a man wanted to be my friend on FaceBook and Wendy protested “No that man is a sexual predator and beats prostitutes in his spare time.” I do have to see him around town but I am so glad that she gave me the warning.

 She also warned me not to go in a car with an old classmate of mine to our college reunion… He had been on my Facebook for the past year and all the people from school seemed to know him. It wasn’t until I got up to my reunion that I realized that no one really remembered him from school they were just being nice.

 Wendy has saved me time and time again and I need to work on developing my online psychic ability as well. We will be training for the next two months.


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Are you accepting new students? Wendy certainly sounds qualified to teach an entire class on this subject!
I'm on the phone with Wendy she says - Yes! She is Psychic Falcon and I am asking her to write first lesson post.
---and she looked at my picture and asked 'who is that befuddled old fart?'
WSchanz- She says you like Beer and you are a smoker or an ex smoker.
Will there be a final exam?
Holy crap. You could get 100 blog posts out of just checking avatars here, writing up their profiles, and then letting us all guess who it is!

Why do I feel like a new WMD has just been unleashed on the world?
Catherine- We are still working on curriculum. Wendy says " we will keep you posted Ha ha"

David- we don't know what WMD is.
never smoked cigarettes.
like beer but don't drink.

old and boring
Wshanz- "Wendy says we all have a public and private face" she is worried about your health.
wshanz she says you are not old and boring but you need to get some sleep.
WMD = Weapons of Mass Distraction
David- Ohhh yes we are very distracted by much better than the generalized anxiety from recession, war, politics, kids starting school......
Sign me up for the classes, too! R
Wish I had known Wendy when I met my estranged, strange husband on line, think of all the trouble I could have saved myself. I am sure she would have seen the devil in him.
What happens if your avatar is just something you randomly chose???r
making the rate stick!!!
What do you mean, "making the rate stick"? You don't have to comment to Rate. Why do so many people think you do?
Please don't let her see my post. No one can find out about my past secret life. Yes, National Security is involved. It's not what your country can do for you.....,
Hugs Me- She needs to see a real picture...she thinks that half of the avatars that people use are not their pix...And when she gets interested men from dating web sites she notices the stock photos from scammers.

David- Wendy picked up on your non certified activities way before I did. I thought she was out of her mind...I thought you were some computer guy/geek...she picked up on the other sexier stuff that you now have revealed.

RP- She has high tolerance for deviance and darkness in people she is not judgmental but she looks at eyes sometimes and says that they are empty ( soul less). She says that they are dead eyes.
Scanner- I had Wendy look at your picture...she wondered if you had been in Vietnam...I told her training in the states ( is that right?). She said you are good. The other thing I will PM.
She'll never figure anything out from my face, bwahahaha...
Myriad- I took a quick look at your posts...witchcraft ( OK in reference to O'Donnell), Crop circles, Satanic cults,...Wendy and I do not need a picture for this one. I will send her your link for assessment.
Mark- I am just as tortured a soul as you...but not brave enough to put it out without humor and time...I'll get sustenance from you going first.
That's freaky about the high school classmate.
what, pray tell, does the prescient Wendy
make of this bizarre new addition
to our cozy clan,
Captain Portobello?
Razzle- he was college..and there were not many men so it was really bad of me...But everyone gets a little wider and wrinklier....

Sunshine- 1. She thinks that Tillie would be more fitting for you 2. Portobello is almost as odd as Sunshine.
David, I know most days you don't, but there are those certain hours when the hamsters get weird and the only way to get it to stick is to rate it before you commet.
Tillie is a severely sore subject, snarky..
faithless but having great fortitude of physical endurance,
shall we say,
and as for portobello,
he came from the same place we all did, i believe,
but was born far far too soon. happens sometimes, i guess.....
Sunshine---I have no idea what your menaing may be...This Tilllie is a reproduction Tillie...I think the original was taken down. But I can see that you may not want a pretender Tillie.

As for Portobello...Hmmmmm.
I think I'd like to sign up for these lessons.
Fay- I am meeting Wendy at a psychic fair Sat, I will pick up tips for our class from the better practiced readers.
Ha, I have to get me a psychic! rated