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January 01
Snarky is my elusive muse. It is grasping for the unobtainable that causes anguish, and in the anguish and negative space, creativity can flourish.However, I am afraid that Snarky has given me very little to chase after lately....maybe...if I'm really lucky, he will send me a picture of his poison ivy.



NOVEMBER 17, 2010 4:52PM

Pot Bellies: The Last Bastion of Discrimination

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Salon really did it this time…They have renamed their “Sexiest Man” feature as "Salon's Men on Top". Do these editors have any idea that they have just excluded a very important segment of the male population? Pot bellied men will have certain difficulty to be on top... yet…I am mad for them….and for those who have unresolved father fixations, so are many other women.

 Is being on top so important when there are so many options in life?  For all of the men who have reached their midlife with increased girth and thinning graying hair…please consider including my little pot bellied friends…

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It is good to be open minded and benevolent. How could they have missed this demographic? Cute post:))
Thank you Susan...I cheer for all of the uh Under Dogs.
I salute you because REAL MEN look like the guy in that photo.
I love a nice round pot belly.
rated with appreciation
Thank you, I say reaching down and patting my own belly. Now I don't feel so bad.
OE Sheepdog...yes this pot belly is an anonymous stranger in the bar who learned of my fetish...everyman we will call him.
RP- Me too! I just don't want my husband to know just how much.

Luminous- I don't think we have the same musical taste...but if you have a belly, I can overlook.
Absolutely. Three cheers to our potbellied friends.

Good on your for recognizing our jelly rolled brothers.
OOOH Fernsy...I like the sound of that "Jelly Rolled"....perhaps we can apply the old jam vs jelly expression to little pot bellies?
If you love a pot bellied man, do I have some pictures for you!
Scanner- Only if they are you.Yum.
I eat, therefore I protrude!
Fred no you have a more age appropriate avatar...perhaps you can fit...but that young one never would have passed.
I have kind of given up on maintaining a semblance of a flat belly. I'm too old, too sedentary and like to eat too much. But I still have lots of fun being "on top".
Snarky, I didn't say how!
Fred---oooooh will have to write pot belly fantasies are just that...fantasies...My husband is skinny...I was getting hopeful after he hit 45 but he is now on a very austere gluten free diet....I can only dream..
Catherine---I have no idea who this man is...he was drunk enough to let me squish his belly.....sigh....enough tactile for me to last a year. I am very person.
These things happen with most men, I call it dunlap disease which I have and so do most men over 50. You keep right on with the fantasy. o/e R*****
O/E....I just can't understand why just when I am getting a fantasy of pot bellied bald men...the targets of my lust/love seem to be wanting skinny very much younger girls///Is this fair?
Since men with really big guts practically can't do it any other way than doggy style they could maybe have a category called, "Salon's Men from Behind."
We saw a man with a belly so big today he looked nine months pregnant and he was holding a tiny little dog. Too much for me even tho I like a pot belly too. It is the fingers that count in my book.
Nothing is fair or free, I am surrounded by women from 15 -50 so my fantasy's are limited. But I will tell you this, that man you have is yours to keep. When I asked my wife one time what her favorite sexual fantasy would be...she said me moving out. Just kidding. The men that want that more than likely are living in a fantasy world that is why there is porn. Be well snarkychaser and just pretend he has a pot-belly and hold on to his butt. o/e
I changed my profile pic to a more recent one just for you snarkychaser!
God you guys...I just got back from the Gym and there were no pot bellies...but a few in Trader Joes.

Zanelle- there is a yucky pregnant belly that I don't like because it belongs to a serious drinker...that is the one you probably saw...I just like the one that belongs to the men that eat too many gummy bears.

Fred- Your new Avatar is a hoot!

O/E you are wise....send me a picture of your sound just perfect...
Ablonde- In my fantasy there are other options...I will PM you.
Sounds like I am your dream date. At the risk of blogwhoring, you might like this one, then ....
HA! Loved it Snarky.....
Damn, I forgot to send in my suggestions! I was thinking OS should've gone with "Ring this Dong, Open Salon!"
Has a nice ring to it.
Dr. Spudman...Thanks

Razz- very interesting idea. My husband hates my pot belly fetish (because he is so skinny) but I did give him the reader's Digest version of Salon's new name for sexy men...he made a strange grimace.
I had no idea...

I will immediately quit running (which I do, in spite of my utter hatred of running), and begin my new regimen of KFC and donuts (which I don't eat, in spite of my deep love of KFC and donuts). ;)
Bonnie- Well it is hard to get my fix...and it doesn't always work..One man looked really offended when I told him he a nice pot belly...

Man Talk...I think you need to be happy and do your thing.
they certainly deserve love, too.rated
Caroline- Love and adoration...Let's go back to the early19th century before fat became a morality issue in the US.
I think it's a silly name. I sort of grimaced as well.
Sorry I've not noticed your work before. Most of the time I'm here to read before going to bed.

I love that you like men with a pot belly. My 6-pack turned into a keg a few years ago.