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NOVEMBER 21, 2010 12:59PM

The First Week of Detox-Kicking Diet Coke

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A blog dedicated to a Diet Coke addict would be very boring. Do you really want to know about the hole in my heart that drives me to consume the ridiculous quantities of caffeine and chemicals that I do? I don’t, that is why I deny it in the addiction of my soft fizzy companion. However, for all of my fellow Diet Coke addicts, here is what to expect when you are ready to be free from the fizzy handcuffs.

Monday- Sent to ER Room for blackouts, heart palpitations, and cognitive difficulties. They did not have soda machine in facility. While waiting for work up, noticed that the Diet Cokes that I had brought from home had horrible smell like fermenting juice coming from bottle and cap…I think that the bottler must have contaminated the supply with sugar drinks. ER Dr mentioned that I had MS symptoms .Only 7- 12 oz bottles that day.

Tuesday- Remembered link to MS like symptoms and Aspartame. Determined to quit once and for all…wrote post to make it harder to back track. Followup with my doctor: He had no ideas of the quantities of Diet Coke that I drank (although I am sure that I said that I drank ‘a lot’) He said that in my case, he believed that I was consuming at least 5 x the amount of liquid that people need and that my kidneys were being taxed. He asked about my urine color. Clear of course. Wrong answer…urine needs color. My doctor believes that I have an electrolyte imbalance…which is why I am especially befuddled and blackout after hard work out. 4- 12 oz Diet Cokes that day and lots of green tea.

Wednesday- Cold Turkey…What to substitute for my fizzy friend? This is easy this time, since I am not giving up caffeine, I drank very watered down ice coffee that day. I calculated that I consumed 940 Milligrams of caffeine a day which is equivalent to at least 6 cups of 8 oz of coffee. Diet Coke is hard to find because there are so many addicts. The cost for a six pack of 12 oz bottles is $4. The cost saving would be at least $3,000 for the year. Cleaned  out the sku of lemon lime seltzer in my local supermarket. Told check out lady that I was detoxing and got a polite smile…Got some seltzer at Trader Joes and good sweet plain frozen yogurt. I told everyone at Traders that I was detoxing from Diet Coke. My BF, Mortimer, who works there, was very sympathetic but the other women were less so. I think that are just jealous. Mort has seen me try this before over the years. O bottles of Diet Coke.

Thursday- Did not feel great but OK… craving sugar and carbs. I am not giving up sugar…Had lots of plain frozen yogurt…put crasins in everything. Went to find fizzy non- sugar substitute in another supermarket. I told everyone in the store that I was detoxing from Diet Coke…Polite smiles. Brought artificially laden seltzer home by accident…very had to find pure seltzer now. My urine is now a color and I am sweating like crazy and need to take several baths a day. 0 bottles.

Diet Coke

 I can only look longingly at this now. I salivate. I was so happy when all of  my stores added these poison boxes...I could drink and shop.

 Friday- Went to dermatologist to have skin cancer looked at. I decided to try Botox since I was saving so much money…got collagen injections in my lips. The dermatologist was very sympathetic to my detox…I asked her if she thought that it was OK if I had Diet Coke only when eating out. She advised me not to get the taste in my mouth at all. Good, otherwise I would be going out for all of my meals, later that day my friend Wendy said that the dermatologist had to be sympathetic because I was spending so much money with her. We figured that I was really saving at least $5,000 from kicking this habit since I often went to Target to buy Diet Coke and always spent more. 0 Bottles


 My new lips

Saturday- Told everyone at the gym that I was giving up Diet Coke. The gym rats are into nutrition and gave me tips. One man with an epileptic child said that their neurologist said to stay away from Aspartame. I sweated so much from a baby work out…very smelly in the gym… it could have been me. My husband hated my new lips and said I looked as if I had been punched.  Went shopping at SYMs with my friend to spend my new found money. 0 Bottles

Sunday-  I have noticed that over the week, I have had a much better ability to concentrate. I hope that I am as fun and will have to ask my friends at the end of the month to find out. My husband noticed that I am less "puffy" despite my increased intake of sugar. Maybe I will weigh myself. For the first time in 22 years, I am finding this compulsion easier to kick...Perhaps I am really ready to face the absence of my sweet little comfort. This week, I have thought of the Buddhist discussion on the need to feed "the hungry ghost" . Ironically, when I went to find the Cure song about this, it was in a Coca Cola sponsored Cure concert. Do you think that the Coca Cola Company is on to the the addictive power of their products? Well I think so and that is why I buy shares in the company- I have been a big supporter of their poison for years.


Updated to include my new lips.

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FIRST Coca cola and Diet Coke are the bane of my existance and the root of many problems. Of course I am drinking a Diet Coke while I am reading this. This week I bought the teeny tiny cans that cost four x as much. I am first and foremost totally addicted to caffeine and your post just underscored for me how important it is to get off this stuff. I kept my son from being addicted because of a rule I made when he started drinking the stuff. He has to drink a bottled water for every can of soda. Over time, he drinks more water than soda. For self, I'm still addicted. At least now I have that vast right-wing conspiracy to blame. Great post.
Bernadine- I used to think that I was a "type A" personality...I was also in sales and needed it for the push. I am waiting to see what real personality will emerge. I do believe that there are a lot of us out there. I know because I have to go to several store to get my fix. The DC sku s run out before any others.
- seems like you are making progress!

A recent study (longitudinal and with a large sample size) found that women were more at risk from alcohol than men. There were more liver, heart and cerebral issues. I wonder if there are male/female differences regarding a dependency on Diet Coke.
Catherine, I have wondered the same thing. I believe that DC is largely a female addiction...because it is low cal. however, I have met some men who are addicts. Many southern men drink Coca Cola and drink it for breakfast as I do.
Wonderful journal of your rehab. I gave it up 20 years ago, I drank a lot of green tea. Of course, mango green tea is the best.
rated with love
Snarky, I'm so proud of you. On your way to complete recovery and you will feel so good, you'll wonder why you were ever hooked. -R-
I am impressed. This is not easy to kick! I have a friend(male) who is completely addicted to Diet Coke. When we go to dinner, while the rest of us have one, he has literally 8-10 at one meal.
Like Bonnie, I let myself have real Coke occasionally, but have to watch it. I start wanting it at every meal. ~r
I adore diet coke. I am drinking one right now. I prefer it to coffee, but not tea. I do love tea. You make a good point here...although my intake was completely to zero for two months in the Northwoods...I didn't suffer any withdrawal...probably because I was so hungry! Ha! Good luck to you on this journey...xox
Great! I've noticed my hands swell too, when I drink too much Diet pepsi. Oh and I want to see the new lips :) .r
I am very proud of you and I can notice in your writing that you have changed, for the better. Used to be that you used a lot of comm's, almost like you had to stop and take a swig of Diet Coke and restart. Now, you use no comma's or for that matter periods. Thanks for the stock tip, gonna put all my cash in Diet Coke, I can see the money coming in now!! (I'm also thinking of getting my lips botoxed, can I have the name of your doctor?
Water is the best thing to drink. Squirt some lemon or lime juice in it. It IS THE BUBBLES!! THE BUBBLES you are addicted to. Isnt that silly! Addicted to BUBBLES. wow Good luck! you can do it!
Diet coke is so addictive. Enjoyed this a lot. I could see it being a strange series.

This cracked me up.
"Sent to ER Room for blackouts, heart palpitations, and cognitive difficulties. They did not have soda machine in facility.

Not your problems, of course, but the absent soda machine you take notice of.
Good luck Laura. I've had a nasty attachment to Diet Coke in the past too.
RP- You had commented earlier about your DC addiction and all week I thought "If RP can do it, then I can too!" I even got a special green tea mug.
Bonnie- I know from my pregnancies that 2 or 3 can turn into more with me.
Christine- Thanks
Joan H- I would have loved to meet your friend. At restaurants I just order two to start...Now we might be enablers for each other.

Robin- I am embarrassed that this habit has made me less of an outdoors man in life. I think that I have passed on serious adventures because I knew that I could not find Diet Coke in the woods. I am just starting to think of a family outward bound or tracker trip...Now maybe Tibet.
Scanner- I am getting better at putting things away in the house...less dis tractable. Thanks.

Zanelle- I am in need of bubbles and that super full feeling in my belly.
Yuck and double yuck! It's twice as poisonous as real coke! Gag!

Good luck SC
Fernsy- you nailed my essence.

Desert- We will have to tell Catherine.

Trig- Yuk to the DC or my Botox , lips smelliness and smelly yellow urine?
Grand post and fine strength. You will do this I have no doubt. I know the strength of Jersey Girls, I've married a brace...or a few and they're all much, much stronger then I. (Ok, that's not saying much)
I wish you good luck kicking it! When I stopped my epic battle with Coke Zero...I found Arizona Green Tea to be really helpful! Its so hard to keep it up though...I like to treat myself with a coke every now and again...or even better an old fashioned root beer in the bottle!
Amen to the green tea. I drink like six cups of it hot in the morning.. no coffee, or rarely. Then I make cold citrus green tea with Luzianne flow through family sized bags (three), 2/3 cup sugar, and juice of half a lemon per gallon. That little bit of sugar means nothing in the big picture. Aspartame makes you retain water, and GAIN WEIGHT. Green tea is full of anti-oxidants and actually makes you feel good. Give it a try..
Oh this sounds awful, I had no idea so I'm glad you're doing so well and posting about it. In the effort to quit smoking I switched to organic cigarettes and while smoking one I was flipping out with cravings for all the chemicals.

I have a friend that's a diet Coke addict and this helps me have a better understanding of what she goes through. I'm so happy for you that you're doing this. I have terrible SVT's with a long one of over 200 bpm and have been to the ER for the Adenosine Push, you don't want one, trust me. Keep it up Gorgeous.
The best of luck and I know you can do it. I gave up diet mountain dew when I started Nutrisystem on April15th ( tax day). I could and sometimes would consume a 2 liter a day! It was rough when I went through the withdrawls, headaches, feeling edgy and I survived.
Now over 7 months later. I have not had one drop of diet mountain dew and do not miss it at all!
Hugs Me- I was surprised in one week my skin looks tighter less jiggly and I have bee eating plenty ( Maybe I'm just fatter) I will post my new lips when they don't look lop sided and ....?
Scylla- I was born in Chicago and my family is from farm country...I grew up in tough NYC slum...I could kick any Jersey girl's butt...however this is a mind thing.
Friday makes me laugh. I gave up soda a couple of years ago, and I can tell you, I hate the stuff now. I will only drink Sprite if I don't feel well...actually come to think of it, I still like ginger ale. Anyway. Keep up the great work! It's good that you're sweating, it's kicking out all of the impurities in your system, so you may in fact weigh less and look thinner even though you've consumed more sugar. Once again, keep up the great work. You're doing it.
Trig- Thanks I will try tomorrow

Int Girl- Thanks Coke Zero is really sweet. I drink ( drank) when I could not get my brand.

Bleue- I often thought that I should switch to seems like a more productive vice. I would be thinner and have another thing in my mouth.

heysuz- Diet Mountain Dew is even worse. The caffeine content is out of sight. Syndrome X was linked to the Carmel coloring (they think) in Diet soda ...causes weight gain...I would never try to diet and kick this at the same time.I battle with food as well .An endocrinologist told me that the artificial sweetener makes you hungrier. It was not incentive for me to quit. You are brave.
Razzle- So Viceless. On your next post...I hope to read something compromising.
Leepin: Are you trying to throw me off the wagon? I just ordered two cases of Stevia sweetened cola for special occasions.
“The Pepsi generation is ill” says Carol Guilford, author of ‘The New Cookie Cookbook’ and Carol Guilford’s ‘Main Course Cookbook’. “Aspartame poisoning mimics MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Fibromyalgia is a catchall term for the excruciating joint pain endured when Aspartame dries up the lubricating synovial fluid and turns the joints into plastic”

Nutra sweet was known to be an addictive drug from the start this was acknowledged by its developer Searle Inc. and although corporate revisionists have labeled it a “food additive” Martha M Freeman MD, from the FDA division of Metabolic and Endocrine drug products, wrote in an august 20, 1973, memo to Dr CG Kokost, division of toxicology:

1. The administration of Aspartame, as reported in these studies at high dosage levels for prolonged periods, constitutes the clinical investigational use of a NEW DRUG SUBSTANCE

This was never done. Why? Because at the time of the FDA’s “investigation” Nutra Sweet was a product of Monsanto.

Who is Monsanto this company which has been entrusted to seize control of the world’s agricultural production through genetically engineered seeds?

Monsanto is one of the leading chemical manufacturers in America. Based in St Louis the Company has contracted with the US government to produce chemical warfare agents in collaboration with I. G. Farben a cartel which supported the rise of Hitler and manufactured the Zyklon B gas used to murder 6 million Jews. In 1949 Monsanto acquired Viscose which 20 years earlier had been identified by the US commerce department as a fascist front. Monsanto has long included officials of the CIA on its board of directors so it should surprise no one that they are affiliated with the Nazi’s. In operation paperclip the CIA absorbed advanced Nazi technology along with the members of the Nazi party which were in control of it:
Jack Heart- Who are you? You are an amazing researcher. I believe that Nutra sweet is addictive. I don't want to believe in big conspiracy theories (I'm no Glenn Beck), they takes advantage of the simple minded. However, I do believe that it is possible that the company might have been a front during WWII. Do your next post on it instead of devils. We have a lot of fronts that operate in the US. In one week, I feel much better but my detox symptoms combined with the fact that I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and my doctor even thought that these black outs several years ago were seizures...until I tested. I do believe that there is a big connection to the Diet Coke. The connections are too strong and the amount that I drank make me a good guinea pig...they were so over the top for so many years.I was just in denial. If I can really kick this, it will be interesting to see improvement. At this point most neurologists seem to be on board that this drug effects the neurons. Other doctors do not seem to be as concerned. When I was pregnant, my OBGYN said that it would be better for me to drink DC than reg cokes because I was gaining weight from my transfer to sugar coke.
This was not a blog post.

It was a laboratory.

I wish you better drinking experiences in the future, Snarky, and a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Mhold- Thanks...Happy Thanksgiving to you...this lab has lots of energy...
Coke and Pepsi are overrated sodas that adds to our body weight!

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