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January 01
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Not really that fixated on grammar, but it's fun pretending. Find the errors in this sentence: I texed him last night to advice him, "Its time to reign in the cat, its to full of it's self.'

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MAY 19, 2011 12:32AM

BREAKING NEWS! Photo of Arnold's love child emerges

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And he's got a nice six-pack! However, his bathing apparel leaves too little to the imagination.
I've made the photo clickable.
Good thing I was finally able to access OS. It's about time some hard-core news and thought-provoking commentary gets posted, rather than all that dratted spam!
Oh, God, I'll never live this down, and with that title EVERYBODY will show up.

PS My abs down quite look like that these days, but my man-boobs are much more developed
I dunno, Tom, the website is so impossible to access lately that we may not have too many viewers! But if we do, just think, a whole new crop of OSers will have the opportunity to get to know you!
I forgot to put "breaking news" in the tags! Emily!! This is SO worth an EP!
EP! Snippy!
I am going to bed, but wanted to say ,
"Well done!"
Tally ho and mucho hugs
Instead of EP, you got TP!!! Teeheehee!! ;D
Naw, she gets TC
Oh God! My eyes! My eyes!
Yoiks! He really should be ashamed of himself.
Who, Abrawang? Tom, or Arnold?
Who should be ashamed? The guy who invented Photoshop
With that pic, there's shame enough for everyone.
I don't know what you meant when you said, "I've made the photo clickable" but I'm backing away slowly from my laptop until the battery dies.
Snippy, it is worth fighting upstream through spam floaters and tiny rotating loading wheels to be rewarded with one of your posts. Get Cindy to tell you about the courtesy NSFW label though.
Snippy: Bad Dog! really funny dog though.. poor Tom, he has moobs. But they are firm and perky.
I laughed before and I laughed aloud this time. But rumor has it this gorgeous love child is not the only one. There may be more breaking news to come.
So, I just took a big bite of yogurt and granola right as this page loaded. I barely avoided choking :)
If I turned around, I could be the butt of a lot of jokes.
Tom, she gets Theo Clinton? EWWWWW!! ;D