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MARCH 24, 2012 4:15PM

Does Geraldo think my kids look scary? Am I a bad parent?

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Others have written about the murder of Trayvon Martin, far better than I could.  But I've also slowly become aware that the ubiquitous teen hooded jacket is now being criticized as a threatening article of apparel, that somehow this could justify making someone nervous, and now Geraldo Rivera, the famous childraising expert and arbiter of common sense, has scolded parents for allowing their children to wear such a scary item.

I happened upon my 2007 attempt to avoid Olan Mills' and JCPenney's exorbitant portraiture fees and darn if I didn't record my poor judgment for Geraldo's censure:


01 becca


06 mike phoebe 

  16 kids phoebe

13 kids faces

I wanted them to be somewhat color-coordinated, difficult to do when all their clothes are from Goodwill.  The hoodies seemed like a great idea.  The thought of anyone's precious child being shot to death and then this innocuous garment being blamed for somehow instigating the murder shocks me.  The thought of a demagogue with a large TV audience then shaming that child's parents for allowing that innocuous garment out of the house fills me with revulsion.  Most readers here know that the shame belongs to Geraldo for suggesting it.  We know that the shooting of a precious teenage son can in no way be justified by his clothing.  But there are large numbers of people who lack critical thinking skills and who are also victimized when TV personalities spew their hatred and misguide the gullible.  They may not realize their own grandchildren wear this dreaded item. 

And yeah, I realize my kids are white and Geraldo wasn't talking to me.  It's nice to know there are two dress codes in this country.  Real nice, Geraldo. 

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A fine-looking, bunch of!
Snippy and the Scratchy actually look more dangerous, truth be told.
Yeah, them pets look dangerous!! EEK!! :D
My only concern with posting this is that I am not attempting levity. People who think a hooded jacket is "gangsta" attire are wrong, wrong, wrong. My husband has an ancient hooded jacket in our closet. They are cheap and warm, and wearers of all ages tend to favor the darker colors.
Look like a bunch of hoods. Not really, of course, they are beautiful young people as was Treyvon.
what a bunch!

all your spawn are adorable.

well thank heaven they're all safe because in this cockamamie world no one's children are safe. hoodie or not. children are not safe! adults are not safe! safe is not something any of us are! it's as if the world is becoming one locked compound and god help the son of a bitch who wanders into the wrong one.

and double god help the son of a bitch if he or she is the wrong color.
"People who think a hooded jacket is "gangsta" attire are wrong, wrong, wrong. "

~nod~ And people who don't know the difference between 'Self Defense' and murder shouldn't be able to even think about guns let alone carry one!! ~nodding even more~
Geraldo is the pits. Your kids are lovely. Hoodies have been mainstream for years. Trayvon didn't look anything like a thug and the whole thing is a cruel lie on the part of Zimmerman. Very easy to feign fear. It's a trick of the wicked, I've learned.
Cute kids, Snippy. The whole hoodie thing is ridiculous. Geraldo is ridiculous. My own mother used to wear one when she went on her daily exercise walks. EVERYONE wears them...~r
Yeah, I quit on Geraldo about the time Al Capone got him...what a maroooon. Nice family photo by the way.
It isn't just black folks the FAR RIGHT AUTHORITARIAN DEFECTIVE HUMANS WITH NO EMPATHY want to legislate back to the 'good ol' days' but also surfers as we used to be harassed constantly by police for being 'others', and, nearly all of us, young and old (moi) wear hoodies- what else would you wear in the cool dawn hours to a beach with a bit of wind?

What could be ironic but instead is just plain painful is what the long-time Profiteer and race traitor Riviera says ignores the facts- BY FAR THE LARGES NUMBER OF BAGGY JEANS AND HOODIES ARE PURCHASED BY WHITE MOTHERS IN THE BURBS!!! Any trip around the subdivision quickly confirms this, but, it is no surprise and they are also the largest consumers of hip-hop music, and, well, everything BLACK culture ... while this shows the incredible hypocrisy of right wing nut cases and haters, it is nothing new, think "Southern Hospitality", think JAZZ, think from where they first stole Rock n' Roll from, this is hardly a new trend, Africa has brought us everything we got, practically, and, oh yeah, the good ol' Southern Cookin', yeah, that too.

It's so gratifying to see the surge of hoodies on OS because it makes it all too obvious: it's not the garment that's scary, it's.....the skin color (*sigh*). I grieve for Trayvon and his parents, and am dismayed that we haven't come further than this.

Maybe Geraldo should start a program to distribute three-piece suits — preferably a dignified tweed — to needy youth?
Sweater Vests are dangerous too! ha ha
R for cute kids.
Really..... This is the North American "culture" that we want to foist on the rest of the world, is it? No wonder the world laughs........

Is this the best we can do?
A simple observation: why are you listening to Geraldo Rivera at all? I had to, when I worked in TV and his nausea-fest ran five days a week. I don't now. Thank God I never worked at a radio station that ran Rush Limbaugh.

In case you missed it, Bill Maher had a perfect solution for being upset at Rush Limbaugh last Friday. He doesn't listen to Limbaugh. "The only time I hear him is when I'm at a stop light and the car next to me is a pickup."
Hey, what's wrong with being practical? My son says that he has to wear his hoodie, as with the competition at the poker table demands some degree of anonymity, as these guys do have things to hide -- but it's a game, with good stakes. He plays every angle. Knows what to do. Any read given could cost him a day's pay. And that is just his choice. He likes the feel and the warmth.
OK, Geraldo?
Nice looking crew & yoyur cat looks likie my male's twin!

As far as Geraldo, if I had a chance to talk to him, I ouwld have nothing to ask byond, "A media whore sez what?"
Thanks to those who took a look, and who agree that this is simply mainstream apparel. Neutron, I don't listen/watch Geraldo--in fact I don't own a TV--but I do keep informed from Salon, Alternet, truthout and Google News, and they have covered the story.

Kate Geiselman has also written about the Geraldo comment here at OS.
I am a 62.75 year-old white woman who owns and wears 4 different hoodies, 2 of them black. Geraldo has been photographed wearing one. Geraldo is a pandering idiot.
I'd better tell my white, 61 year old Mama she'd better get rid of all her hoodies pronto! Who cares if your ears get cold while you are on the walking track or watching your granddaughters play soccer, Mom? Really!
To be fair, I will remove every one of those evil, hooded zippered things from my house, too. And probably better ditch all of the sweat pants, too, no telling what kinda weapons I could stash in those.
"I wanted them to be somewhat color-coordinated, difficult to do when all their clothes are from Goodwill."

haaaaaaaa! I know that feeling. What a happy and beautiful looking family. I really missed out on the hoodie talks on OS!
Your photos of family members look top notch to me.
.........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
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