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APRIL 29, 2012 2:38PM

JUST SAY NO to Democrat emails requesting money!

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I just got an email from my friendly Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  They seem to be spying on me; at least they've compiled a dossier.  I suppose one exists for every citizen in this country, somewhere.  I actually have a "supporter record #"!  Impressive!  Here's what they've determined is appropriate "suggested support" from me: "$5."

I guess they know how inadequate my paycheck is to cover medical and dental bills, property taxes, inflation, needed but long postponed home repairs, etc., etc., etc.

I advised them to go drone themselves:

The Democrats don't deserve the backing of the poor and vulnerable of this country.  The two parties both serve corporate interests and there is no one who represents me or other struggling members of the Educated Poor (new class in this country, now that the middle class has been decimated!)
Since Obama showed his true colors as a repackaged Bush early in 2009, I will certainly not be supporting him or the Democrats.  I'm not even sure I'll vote--the "lesser of two evils" argument is really not all that compelling.  Waiting for a strong third party as the only way to resuscitate a democracy on life supports.
Please do remove me from your mailing list and while you're at it, you can also delete me from your records.  I find it very disturbing that there is a dossier compiled on me, but it is entirely in keeping with the legislation and policies supported by Barack Obama. 

I can't think of any other way to express my displeasure with the lack of representation I feel that I receive from the supposed party of the working class.  They have completely caved to corporate interests, they have continued and expanded the worst civil liberties abuses from the Bush Years, they've extended the Unitary Executive theory which does away with inherent checks and balances, they refuse to prosecute the banksters* who caused the financial meltdown of 2008, they've supported the idea the the President gets to murder anyone he wants worldwide, including US citizens, without consequence, they've continued and expanded government secrecy, they've furthered the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, and the War on Whistleblowers.  All this, from the party of the Most Transparent Presidency ever!  Everything the Democrats criticized in the Bush Years, they've embraced under the presidency of Barack Obama, and that hypocrisy sickens me.

What can patriots who want a real, functioning democracy and not this sham currently in place do?  If the Democrats have caved, what is left?

There's probably more that I left out of my litany.  Feel free to add  other flagrant transgressions in comments. 

And yes, I know the Republicans are worse.  If that's why you continue to support the Democrats, you're lame.  That's like voting for Lizzie Borden over Jeffrey Dahmer because she didn't kill as many people.

* Tom Cordle's posts have used this term.  He may not have originated the word "banksters" but I did learn it from him.

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Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. That should not fluctuate depending on which party is in power.
Well, yeah. But Mitt Romney as president is not a chance I'm willing to take. And the Dems only ask me for $3 at a time. :*( Not that I've sent them anything.
Snippy, I hear you and agree for the most part... and don't blame you for your refusal to reward a national party that has shown us their backside all too often. BUT. Please do vote in your state and local elections. Those Dems are often our last bulwark against corporate money, and they are for us more than against us. The presidency matters less these days in our day to day lives than our governors and state legislators, not to mention our county commissioners and school board reps. The Repubs are taking away our right to vote in many states, so vote while we still can!
First I told them I wouldn't send them $0.03, then I told them I wouldn't sit down with a war criminal, even if George Clooney joined the party, then I told them I'd rather drink arsenic than have a drink with the liar-in-chief, then I told them I'd sooner vote for Idi Amin, and this week I put them in the new unsubscribe folder yahell has invented.

That dossier thing is scary! I did not receive any emails....yet. Your points, well taken. But I endured four years of Romney as governor, and have experienced his leadership. He is a huge threat to public education, Snippy. Please vote for Obama.
With me, they started at 3 bucks, then moved up to five. Mitt Romney is up to 25 bucks!! I must be popular, both sides want my money!! :D
I just sent them, and the president's reelection campaign, what I consider generous donations. I am unwilling to have that boob Romney choosing Court Justices.
They say one should not vote against one's economic interests. But anyone who votes is doing so. Double rated for sticking up for yourself, which is the only way out of this mess.
Snippy, until we change the system, we will not get anywhere. Right now we have a choice, between voting Democrap, or Rethuglican. Until that changes, I will continue to vote for the lesser of two evils. At least around here I have no other choice, they are the only ones on the ballot, perhaps it is different in other parts of the country. So I don't have to worry about voting for anyone else.
Everything the Democrats criticized in the Bush Years, they've embraced under the presidency of Barack Obama, and that hypocrisy sickens me.

bingo bingo bingo, cindy!

however, i have changed my tune in this way: i am voting for obama because i am a woman. not for liberal or financial or civil or human rights issues. he is worse than w EVER EVER was.


he has civilized enlightened 21st century views on family planning.

i do not feel i can risk, even tho i have no daughter, letting in a deranged prehistoric ignorant bible-thumper in. so on that basis i will vote, but no - i sure wont donate time or money.
I'm with you. I am sick to death of being hounded for money via email.
Banksters did not originate with me, sorry to say, but it certainly fits as does a few terms I believe I did coin: gobblization, consumatives, crapitalists and more that can be found here:

21st Century Political Dictionary
Vote for independent low profile candidates and if you have the time, think they're worth it, and want to support them campaign for them by discussing the issues one way or another so that your input will be in the form of advice that lets them know what you expect when a sincere candidate finally does get into office.

Just a thought, but if enough people stop accepting the lie that we have to choose between corrupt candidates from the corporate right pocket or the corporate left pocket then we have a chance especially if it is accompanied by activism indicating that we aint going to let them steal the election.
One more thing: I share your despair, but I am concerned about the large number of people on our side threatening to sit this one out or vote third-party. The consequences could well be tragic. To riff on a Sixties saying, what if they gave an election and nobody came?

Problem is those on the other end of the political spectrum WILL vote en masse, that is like a school of fish. Indeed many of them will vote for a man they consider a heretic rather than vote for a man they consider "different" aka "dark".

All this is truly sad, but let me impress upon you as strongly as I can the importance of holding your nose and voting again for Obama. Why? Roberts, Alito, Scalia and Thomas. We simply can't afford to have the next President add to that awful list of corporate lackeys.
I'm a proud member of the Vote for the Lesser Evil contingency. Well, "proud" may be a tad hyperbolic. We don't wear straw boaters or catchy buttons or march around pumping our knees in the air and shouting inarticulate slogans, or party with folks who do, nor do we send anybody money who also takes big bucks from Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Banksters or Big Anything. What we do do is vote against the most dangerous doofuses on the ballot. It's the best we can do.
Tom brings up a good reason to vote for Obama - Citizens United would not have happened if we had more Dem presidents, whatever their other faults.