MAY 2, 2012 11:51PM

What is happening in Russia.

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Officially, Vladimir Putin has won 64% of the votes during the presidential election back on March 4th. However, various fraudulent schemes were widely deployed, including voting multiple times, known in Russia as “carousel”, ballot stuffing, faking figures in final protocols, absentee ballot fraud, fake voters, fake buildings full of fake voters and even fake polling stations. And that is not counting the cases, where people were forced to vote for Putin with the threats of dismissal. Some independent observers put the real figure at least a little below 50%, necessary for avoiding the second round of elections.

Nonetheless, the inauguration is planned for May 7th. Obviously, there are people who do not consider Putin a legitimately elected president. According to the Constitution, they do have the right to peacefully protest in public places. The reality, though, is quite different. As of now, the application for a mass protest has not been approved by the office of the Mayor. Moscow also happens to prepare for the annual Victory Day parade, to take place on May 9th. Some suspect, that inauguration has been timed this way on purpose, because it allows for huge military presence in the city, as well for the closings of some convenient venues in the center. The rumors are flying around, that even the mobile phone service might be cut off in central Moscow for the inauguration.

One can anticipate that the numbers are going to be somewhat higher than twenty something thousand on Noviy Arbat the day after the election. People were tired, disappointed and many were exhausted by serving as independent observers for many hours, which was hard ungrateful work, particularly eye opening and in some cases not even safe. The protests for May 6th were originally billed as a March of Millions. While it is reasonable to doubt that they will gather a million, the dissatisfaction with the status quo runs high. Especially since some tightening of the screws has already taken place since the election. Even though the position of city mayor is going to become an electoral position once again, some federal and municipal filtering is written into the new law. Party registration is simplified, but penalties for unlawful protests are supposed to rise soon. Divisive politics are on the rise, with the ban on homosexual propaganda in place in St Petersburg and Novosibirsk, and being considered in Moscow and on the federal level. There is often talk of the enemies, domestic and sponsored from abroad, when government or church official’s actions are being questioned. This was seen in the case of almost 50 Volgograd officials flying for the Easter weekend to Italy on a charter plane, rumored to have been loaded with vodka. Later, the Governor expressed a surprise, that the trip has attracted attention at all, as it has been just a working visit for the purposes of cooperation in pig farming. Yes, during Catholic Easter. Those who noticed, were bound to have been enemies. Many other things happened since election. Three young women are being held on vague charges of misdemeanor for almost two months now. They held an unorthodox prayer in a famous cathedral, asking the Mother of God to get rid of Putin. The reaction of the Church was aggressive, with a lot of mentioning the words “enemies” and “sacrilege”, sure enough some internet reactions were nothing short of stoning. This case, among others, is seen as a sign of intensifying of political repressions. At the same time, corruption and lawlessness keep blossoming. Another beautiful forest is being cut for another highway project, which was kept under wraps until the night when the cutting actually started in the town of Zhukovsky. Protestors have yet to see the permits for cutting and construction, but they have been beaten, arrested and held in a cage without charges for 5 hours.

 Protestors in Zhukovsky being held in cage without charges on April 21st.

Probably the same fate awaits 60% of Russian territory, just to the East from the Ural mountains, for which a state development corporation with simplified laws is currently under consideration in Duma. One shudders to elaborate, what “simplified” laws would mean in reality.

With so much to be unhappy about and with more unhappiness anticipated, people are planning to protest on May 6th. As Moscow is not known for its plentiful and affordable hotels, Moscovites are opening their doors to those who want to come from afar. Social networks make possible both help with tickets and lodging. Watching these acts of unity and selflessness is extremely endearing. But the same social networks make trolling and spying easy too. People are reported to have been intimidated not to come to Moscow for this weekend. There are reports from Yaroslavl, that some of those who clicked and joined the event, were paid the visit from the police, with the requests not to participate in an extremist action, or at least to give a written promise not to. Reports from Orenburg were even worse, people planning to go to Moscow were told, that something might just happen to them. 

Sure, by the North Korean standards, this might seem gentle. But in a state, that still dares to call itself a democracy, it is looks like a sign of much worse things to come. 

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The political elite in Russia consists of 90% ex-members of the Communist Party of USSR and 65% officers of the KGB or FSB. Accordingly, system which they created on the basis of decaying soviet socialism named “Chekism-Bolshevism” (“CheKa” is the first name of KGB from 1918). So, they are chekisty-bolsheviky.
CheKa-NKVD-MGB-KGB-FSB is an instrument of torture the people of Russia. With this sophisticated mechanism Russian elite was destroyed in 1917, 1937, 1954, and 60th years. The rest of the elites are squeezed out of the country or contained in an alcoholic anabiosis. While working in Kremlin chekisty-bolsheviky protect new social order - Chekism-Bolshevism. The Lustration Law should pass not only them but also all former members of the Communist Party. That’s why the KGB-FSB now protected without rules. They’re in panic like Nazi in 1945.
How they protected themselves today, in XXI century? Primitively, like Stalin with NKVD in the XX century. They killed opposition journalists, politics and economic leaders, for example Kholodov, Listyev, Litvinenko, Politkovskaya, Magnitsky. While Russia does not pass the crucible of lustration and purified from Chekism-Bolshevism, reforms will not work. The Germans drove the country through lustration twice: denazification in 1940th - 1950th and purification of communism in the 1990th.
Lustration is not the fight with specific concrete crimes. For this purposes there are laws. Lustration is a system of measures aimed at not a recurrence of these phenomena in future. But while USA, EU, Commonwealth are flirting with Putin and do not adopt the strongest Law of Magnitsky - the dictatorship of the chekisty-bolsheviky will flourish in Russia.
Europe and the U.S. will pay highest price of their weakness and indecision in politics against the dictatorship of the KGB, which eventually lead the world to World War III. On the establishment of Western countries fault lies as well as for the Munich Agreement in 1938 with Hitler. You can afford to flirt with Iraq or Iran for decades, North Korea or Cuba, Siria or Livia. But not with such a powerful actor in international geopolitics as Russia. Putin's KGB junta has long abandoned plans to wage war in its ordinary sense. They began a long-term economic sabotage war for global energy dominance. This is the secret weapon of Russia - its natural resources.
Of course, Putin will be forced under pressure from the West TEMPORARILY make concessions in order to legitimize his imperial ambitions. Chekisty-bolsheviky after elections 2011-2012 will be little relief in korruptsionomike. But in general, these antics will not affect the malignancy of perverted principle of society. In Russia, the policy defines an economy, in the rest of the world – economic is policymaker.
Russian democratic opposition can not afford to act in appropriate ways as KGB. This junta of chekisty-bolsheviky STOKE democracy and liberals in the blood, pushing them to the nationalists, drowns cynically manipulating information. Corruption and incompetence of officials as a phenomenon are the two biggest and most obvious threat to Russian national security. We are seeing in terms of currency flow from Russia, the number of departing into exile, and the shaft of man-made disasters. Falls civil and military aircrafts, space rockets and satellites, burn and explode nuclear submarine, bases and arms. Everything will clear up when the new authority of Russia will investigate with the help of the International Criminal Court crimes of chekisty-bolshevikys, committed last 20 years against the citizens of Russia and the world.
BUT before that time, world can be blown up with a Russian chemical and bacteriological weapons and nuclear missiles, including by accident.
The question of democracy in Russia today is self-preservation matter of the WHOLE PLANET, the World tomorrow. Think, gentlemen, with a strong social imperialism. YOUR tomorrow may never come! The sooner you accept the Law of Magnitsky in the EU, U.S. and Commonwealth - the faster you will protect yourself and your future!
We, Russian democratic opposition, are preparing a draft of Lustration Law. This Law will demand from the candidate to state or municipal office to open foe public belonging to the Communist Party or the KGB-FSB. Citizens are entitled to know that their mayor, police chief, the Minister of Health, the school director or the Chief doctor of the hospital supported this ideology and promoted it. If they vote for him with such baggage - then it's a clear choice. The Germans after the WWII twenty years cleaned themselves from Nazism. After German unification in 1989 is still working Gauck Commission. If Yeltsin did not show cowardice, not afraid and then banned completely in the 1990s Communism and Chekism, we would not have NOW hemorrhoids with the dictatorship in Russia.
I'm not interested was my neighbor in past security officer, a Communist informer or "snitch". But for me is very important to know, the history teacher at the school of my children What would tell about the policies of Stalin and Putin! I need to know, the Minister of Culture “knocked” at the KGB or not. I need to know, the nurse in a kindergarten went to the “Komsomol bath” or not, etc.
We are preparing a draft of Lustration Law. When draft will be ready and published, I'll be glad to hear even the MOST unflattering comments. At present, the remaining members of the Communist Party in Russia, about 5 million We sure that in the power of about 1 million. They are 90% higher officials, 70% of federal civil servants, and 55-60% of municipal employees. We have a hard thankless job. But we do it!

The Art of Strategy is the ability to wait. After March 2012, when “the Iron Curtain” will only have a small hole, we'll find support of the millions. We are not in a hurry. We are building a NEW RUSSIA. Suppose that it is decades away.

Russia has the right to a civilization as well as all the countries. Our children and grandchildren need a “New life” in an evolutionary way - through work, respect, tolerance, equity and spirituality.

Drive efficiency 100% (CPD 100%)!
EU & US - wake up!
That's IMPORTANT, that EVERYBODY understand, that USA and Europe are playing Russian roulette with KGB crasy dictator! The shelf life of russian missiles with NUCLEAR WEAPONS passed three times. New experiment russian nuclear missile “Bulava” half of the cases do not fly in the tests, although it will be adopted in service with the russian Navy in 2012.
The huge fire engulfed a Delta-IV-class russian nuclear submarine “Yekaterinburg” 29.12.2011. During last 12 months SIX spacecraft fell down.(1, 2, 3, 4, 5) In Russia only 50% destroyed stocks of chemical weapons. And this 20-years process was based on the old resources of the ex-USSR. But who & how will destroy another half?! Hungry soldiers and fierce officers with the rusty equipment? Russia took first place in the world on corruption. The court system of Russia completely corrupt! All appointment as Judges are sold for money. In Russia the uncontrolled process of storing weapons of mass destruction and the first place on corruption still added massive fascism. Parlament (2011) & President (2012) elections became a BIGGEST fake of all History. The future of the planet in the hands of corrupted officers of the KGB and their friends.
Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues and friends! I appeal to those of you who do not live in Russia. Wherever you live, exists thousands of small and large radio stations TV-channels and newspapers_ social media. All can distribute information about situation in Russia with FAKE elections 2011-2012.

Help to save NUCLEAR-ARMED Russia from new DICTATORship!
I see. What a global fraud, ain't it. I voted for Putin and I clearly understand why I did it.
I don't want Yeltsin or Gorbachev times, in fact I see Gorbachev as a traitor who changed the stability and destiny of a good powerful country for the western "one hundred thousand bucks" for a speech legally, for me it is a pure treason.
Devittal, I strongly disagree. And using foul language in Russian does not add any points to your point of view. Gorbachev did not destroy the country, the economic model was not sustainable, especially with lower oil prices. He managed to avoid a civil war. This is why he is widely respected. Even Putin has invited him to the inauguration, didn't he? If he is showing respect, then I am sure you will manage. Russia is not a dove of peace. Two bloody wars in Chechnya say other wise. Support of bloody Syrian tyrant says otherwise. The threats of preemptive strike against NATO say otherwise. I also happen to think that USA is also not an upholder of peace. See, we even agree on something. As for mentality, it is always a mistake to make wide assumptions that all Americans are alike and all Russians are alike.
You really made me smile, Snowball.
When you talk with people, have you ever tried to imagine you were in their place? Let's imagine you're Russian and what you will clearly see.
You say we made some war in Chechnya. God forbid you to meet some Chechen mafia in your life. If Russians are wolves for you, the Chechens would be your last nightmare. They are born for war and terrorist atacks. Much better than the Irish that I deeply respect.
I'm absolutely sure the countries that have taken the "innocent" Chechen refugees are now facepalming. And they are just getting acclimatized.
And the support of Syria seems ridiculous. Who attacks the independent country? Russia only delivered some defence weapons that will kick some ass. And the US is looking like a world warden. Who gave one morally weak country the right to decide for the whole planet? Your prostituion, very high criminality, low birth rate, world-wide finance Fraud - you are like a doomed country now.
Strategically of course. Ten to twenty years to change or to lose your influence in the world.
As ours or Chinese as well. Depends on how the WISE men understand we only have one planet now for all of us.
Devittal, you are arguing not exactly what I was stating. Chechens may not be peaceful people, but Russia attacked them first and they are definitely more aggressive now than they were before the two Chechen wars. The fact that there is a Chechen mafia does not make the war on whole Chechen population a legitimate one. As for your opinion of the United States, it is a subjective one. I see labels and not facts. And actually I never claimed that US has a moral high ground.
If you want to know the history of the Russian-Chechen relations - I'd like you to know the sad part - the nineties. If you know all the facts I'm sure you'll see. I have Chechen friends, but I still see some of their police as former terrorists. The guys just surrendered at the right time. The dominant mood is - war is a terrible thing, we both can fight to the death, we are tired of war.