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NOVEMBER 19, 2011 2:42PM

Occupy 'merika: Keep on Truckin'

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      Oh yes...reading the posts and ideas of you all! Great stuff !  I read them! I am a little behind because of  a recent rash of  EP's that ticked me off a bit - perhaps you know - or may not know - that reality is a construct. We each construct our own reality. We also deconstruct our own reality.

      We also have help - like it our not - from structures that have a vested interest in how we construct/deconstruct  our reality. The sum of  our bunches of individual  constructs might be called culture.

       Teachable moments - moments when we let go of the constructs we cling to - in search of  other ideas to cling to - come and go. The sum of these moments is growth or change. Cultural growth happens on a solid recognizable foundation, change happens...in chaos.

       I enjoy the "Shaken not Stirred" of the elite - those Brits sure know how to manage things in a way to keep themselves "looking good" - they produce mass teachable moments by a firm shake - or slap followed by a dose of paternal action. They work this magic without "Stirring" up a stink that could jepordize them - the elite.

      Long ago - I adopted the much less effective "Stirred not Shaken" method of activism. I try to teach method more than manufacture an outcome that gives us more of the same. Ghandi "Stirred" - King "Stirred" both died having rocked the status quo - both got shot.

     Who wants to get shot? This is why I like and have long advocated leaderless movements. Growth of a leaderless movement - Growing a leaderless movement - Takes time - A mature leaderless movement would enable us to grow beyond fascism, out of facism - by our collective choice, with out the shake or slap that keeps a corrupt status quo ontop of a corrupted culture, or culture of corruption. The elite will not be eliminated - they just need to be taught how to run things ....better. They need to grow. We need to grow.  The elite do not need to get shot. No one needs to get hurt.

    Growing out of fascism is a process, not an event. Shock and awe does not work for anyone but the corrupt. Shaken not stirred - means the bottom changes but after the smoke clears, the elite are getting laid on a beach in the islands. The rest of  humanity? Who cares?

     Obama promised change not growth. We have not grown, and the elite are doing better than ever. Obama has changed - he has guaranteed himself a place among the elite born out of the chaos of his ascension. We need to demand growth. Growth as a culture - beyond the fascist state that Obama has not been able or willing to lead us beyond. I don't blame him for keeping his head down, do you?

    So thanks for all your ideas and refound interest in Occupy movements. Thanks for reading and posting and KEEP ON TRUCKIN' .... (comic by Crumb 1968)



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I think we need to shake the snow globe a little harder. I wish, I wish, I wish.
that reality is a construct. We each construct our own reality. We also deconstruct our own reality....Yes but why does it take so long some time?
Shaken, not stirred?? Made me laugh...and think.