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April 01
I unwittingly stole this dead,imaginary, crewman from Heller's novel, who will undoubtably fly me into a mountain soon enough. So it goes. Unlike Snowden, who spilled his guts while killing others, I am a lover of nature and art, I have been blogging OS since 2009. If Snowden gets me killed before Salon crashes and burns ....shot down by fools far older yet no smarter or wiser than a mosquito, this blog will be my only legacy. It is as raw as recent road kill, just the way the crows like it.


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JANUARY 7, 2013 7:55PM

Welcome Back OS ? Happy Dam New Year!

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     OS is on my header bar - has been since I upgraded the explorer a year ago. I had almost given up on OS, as every time I tried to read or post she was messing up. Then I saw the EP's freeze, and few new posts. I thought sadly that this was the end of the OS that I had been posting on for years now.

      Today for now reason at all OS just opened up all by itself on my desktop as if I had hit it in the header. The box was not spinning and spinning as it had done for months - the site just opened right up to my page !

       I tested a few clicks and looked at the EP's and saw they were new! Is OS Back? I searched for some sort of note from the editior, owner, new owner, or anyone who could explain but found none. SNAFU. But I could read and .....post?

      So to all too few of you that are still around, and perhaps a few new folks, I say hello. To who ever is in charge....today....I say good work! I for one have long enjoyed reading and posting here and sure missed it running well. Happy New Year!



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Snowden ~ great to see you back on OS today!
Still a few snags, but SOOOO much better. Fingers crossed! I'll look forward to reading your posts ...

~R~ with anticipation
It's good to see you back.
I noticed thie same thing on Friday night. I was skeptical and waited until Saturday morning. The site does seem to have improved, so I blogged about it.
It seems to be back, and it's good to see you back too!!
Thanks my friends...I sure hope they up there got it fixed.