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April 01
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JANUARY 16, 2013 6:59PM

Controlling Democracy not Guns

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           A few dozen surburban folks die and all of the sudden guns are an issue. City people die by the thousands as  politics shift to the right - so far  to the right that the Democrats  of today are harder on the poor than the right used to be. 

            The jails are full. Urban America has been on lock down now for almost half a century. The drug war that has been waged there - in our most fragile communites - is the place to go to purchase all things not allowed outside of these war zones - including guns. Bad policy? I do not see masses of poor folk marching anywhere, so I guess all is good in the hood.  The policy keeps potential  leaders full of lead or in jail - just for wanting  the new pair of shoes that their father or mother will not be buying them. The policy has destroyed America. The bottom of the slippery slope is quite near. There will be no marching from the ghetto.

             We had the Occupy kids go almost nowhere - shut down by force despite for the most part being a peacefull movement. They were begging for Americans to listen...and yet what Americans are allowed to hear is more of the same old crap.

              These shooters - they are telling you something too - about the world they lived in, their parents, their thoughts. We will not listen to them any more then we would the nonviolent occupy kids,  or any of the thousands of voices who try to break through to America's delusional and increasingly violent collective consciousness.

      We live in fear, because we consume more  and as directed when we are scared- and no one is worried about our flesh being spoiled because of it. We have been terrorized , intentionally, to enable the rightward shift away from freedom and justice for all towards a corpgov state where some can command drones to attack targets anywhere in the world, while others are targets of teens looking to make their first kill; the one that is required for them to obtain rank and respect in the policy created war zones that they call home.

      And so the left is dead, and the dream remains the dream that fewer and fewer remember was almost made real. No, guns will not be controlled, but democracy already has been. Millions cannot now and millions more will not be able to vote, because they will not live long enough to, or will be in prison. Democracy will never again look like it did before the right figured out how to rework the demographics using gun and drug laws to terrorize a nation.


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Excellent post. The reality is that mass shootings are decreasing, rather than increasing. See http://boston.com/community/blogs/crime_punishment/2012/08/no_increase_in_mass_shootings.html The government has an illicit agenda (is it further restricting our freedoms, setting the right and left at each others' throats or both?) that has nothing to do with Newtown.

The only thing I differ with you about is WHO is doing it. Corporate Multinational Crony Capitalist Government is neither Left nor Right. It is "collective Think" against the individual Life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness of the Individual.

It isn't conservative against liberal, it's Corporate Collective against individual. Other than that distinction, you are dead on- as I've said in my last few posts, the Individuals of the T-Party must come together with the Individuals of the OWS, if we are to preserve any part of our Democratic Republic
"the left is dead"
Yes. Brain dead! On the bright side I am rather skeptical that president houseboy will succeed in his assault on Americas greatest freedom. If he does not I foresee the day when Gnome Chomsky and Arianna Huffington style liberals are rounded up and sent to the FEMA camps. Although I am a Socialist myself all I can say is it can't happen soon enough. Their willfully wanton display of treason over the commandeered airwaves and vile newspapers is all the convincing I need. When the time comes I myself will be fighting along side the rednecks waving my plastic Jesus aloft as I bayonet yuppie scum.
what democracy are you talking about? america was never, was never intended to be, a democracy.
Thanks for reading - Yes - America was not and is not a democracy - and - moving the parts around to make it less just and less free for most of the people - preventing the masses from gaining too much power has been accomplished. Killing the civil rights movement was easy - the targeting was easy. But much more than that is going on. Corpgov has it own goals and objectives on a global scale. The "collective think" is guided to meet the corpgov objective. Americans are mostly obsolete and will be bled until we can no longer afford to buy stuff - as individuals and as a society - guns and drugs simply enhance the process.
Yes indeed. Just another meme used by our corporate masters to deflect from the destruction that they created.
Yeah, Democracy is dead...and we are living in a fascist state. I hear it from so many people...I hear it loud and I hear it often.

People calling our government and its leaders scum; killers of freedom; scourge of the Earth. They shout it from the roof tops.

And I laugh...as I realize the only reason they can do it with such impunity is that they live freer and with more rights to speech than any people have ever had.

Hey...spoiled brats always want "more."

We here in America enjoy more freedom of speech than anyone else on this planet has ever enjoyed.

Try to be thankful and grateful for that once in a while...rather than using your incredible freedom to constantly bemoan the fact that you have none.
Frank - love you man - I guess I should start every bit with a hats off to the countless souls who gave there lives so that I could bitch about a global elite who are hell bent on pushing us further away from what our fathers were fighting for, who could give a crap about this or any other country beyond the cash flow it generates for them and theirs.
Freedom has become a relative term. The FBI now aggregates secret terrorist watch lists of people who openly foment peaceful dissent. And, those lists have the ability to completely destroy someone's ability to survive in the corporate state.

About two hundred years ago there was a far off government that inflicted the costs of war, empire, mercantilism, corporatism and the whims of a king upon thirteen colonies. Two percent of the population dissented. And out of that literally came the first true democratic nation in the history of humankind. The first. Ever. An experiment of sorts. Not perfect by any means.

The other 98% were apathetic. They sat back and cared little if the king and his merry band of capitalists enslaved society to their debts for endless wars, spied on them, labeled them as traitors and the like. 98%.

We live in a free nation because what has generally been a handful of people have forced continuous change into the system. Forced slavery to a head. Forced American apartheid to a head. Forced the war state to a head. All while the vast majority did nothing other than place their faith in others while mouthing ignorance.

Our written rule of law was designed to protect us from the force of the state. To replace force, secrecy and corruption with transparency and democracy. And, yet now we have people who are willing to sit back and accept whatever happens because they trust force, secrecy and corruption.

You have to recognize what is going on to appreciate how catastrophic the current events are.
Thats why TL is the smartest person on Open Salon (myself aside of course).