Every Day Should Be Champagne Friday

Because bubbles are more fun.

Somyr Perry

Somyr Perry
San Diego, California,
March 28
I love champagne. Well, I love alcohol, in general. Especially when I'm having a bad hair day.


As a child, my mom always warned me never to put money in my mouth and always wash my hands after handling it. Though I doubt she had scientific evidence for the caution, apparently her intuition was spot on.
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AUGUST 20, 2009 1:43PM

How the Class of 2013 Thinks

Every year since 1998, Beloit College in Beloit, Wis., publishes its "Mindset List." The list is comprised of cultural touchstones that have influenced the way new generations of college students think and perceive the world.

The list for the mindset of the entering class of 2013 is out and it's… Read full post »





How cool is this?

More is a 1.3 million circulation lifestyle magazine that focuses on women 40 years and older. One of its loyal subscribers contacted the magazine to see about getting a digital subscription because she is leaving town. OK, she's not leaving town.

She's… Read full post »


I'm going to buy Margaritaville. Who wants to come?

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JULY 16, 2009 3:19PM

My Diet Coke Detox




A few weeks ago a colleague and I were chatting over beers. At some point in the conversation about him spending time with his brother while traveling, he mentioned how he couldn't believe how much Diet Mountain Dew his brother drank. He said he often looked like hell,… Read full post »


Painting the fence


I consider myself a creative person, but sort of in a linear-thinking way. There is one woman, however, who is the most creative person I've ever met: my Aunt Shari. She is a teacher by trade and she can make a kid learn or do anything by singing… Read full post »

Why She's Going to Get Them Any Way 




Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting a photo shoot of three-time Olympic gold medalist Natalie Coughlin. (Coughlin is a swimmer.) We held the shoot at a local Boys & Girls Club outdoor pool early in the morning before the… Read full post »

JUNE 30, 2009 3:20PM

Vibe Magazine Shutters

Rumors have it that the 16-year-old magazine launched by music great Quincy Jones is shutting down. Dailyfinance.com broke the news but wasn't able to get a Vibe  representative to comment other than to say they would release a statement by the end of the day.



 … Read full post »

JUNE 11, 2009 7:06PM

Watching the Evolution of a Bully

My 3-year-old daughter is officially aware of social norms and social misfits; she's officially been bullied. Around 5 p.m. daily, her preschool class moves outside for free playtime. I typically show up about this time and sneak outside to sit on a bench and watch the kids play before letting my… Read full post »

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JUNE 3, 2009 12:52PM

SPJ Exec Writes Touching Blog Before His Death

I came across an Editor & Publisher article announcing that Terry Harper, of the Society of Professional Journalists, had written one last blog post before he died yesterday of brain cancer. Harper was the society's executive director for seven years. He was 45.




%IMA… Read full post »

I've been fighting the Hyatt hotel to refund an overcharge of $158.73 since May 2. I detail the drama in a previous post. After several letter writing campaigns to the hotel in Long Beach, to the customer service department and to the corporate consumer affairs office, today my money was finally… Read full post »

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MAY 26, 2009 3:29PM

Entrepreneur Mag Blunders Fight Against Lawsuit

Earlier this month, Entrepreneur magazine was sued by a large group of individual investors who read the May 2008 issue's "Hot 100: America's Top Fast-Growth Business and the Entrepreneurs Who Built Them" list and invested in a company called Agape World Inc., listed No. 73. The company turned out to… Read full post »

I'm a letter-writer. I'm a consumer who gives written feedback to companies, corporations, restaurants or any entity that provides me with a product or service. Some letter-writers only write when they're upset about a product or service (hate letter), which is fine. I tend to be one that writes to r… Read full post »

Ice cold soda 

Occasionally I drop 79 cents at the McDonald's drive-through for a 42-ounce fountain Diet Coke. Every time I have to ask for extra ice. If I don't ask, I get a massive cup of just-barely-cold soda and like nine ice chips, which melt by the time I take… Read full post »

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MAY 21, 2009 12:58PM

Paste Magazine Update: $166K and Counting




This morning the Associated Press reported that Paste Magazine has raised $166,ooo one week after launching its Save Paste campaign, which called for readers to donate to the cash strapped indie music publication to keep afloat.

Editor-in-chief Josh Jackson told t… Read full post »

This is a call to help a group of animals seized from an elderly woman who might have been a hoarder. For those in the San Fernando Valley area who might be able to assist these animals in any way, here is the call to action from a Los Angeles-based rescue organization… Read full post »

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MAY 15, 2009 5:13PM

One Magazine's S.O.S. Plea to Readers

 One magazine hanging on for dear life during this economic downturn is reaching out to readers to save it. Paste Magazine, a Decatur, Ga.-based independently published music magazine, has launched a campaign, called Save Paste, asking readers to donate money to keep the publicati… Read full post »

Editor & Publisher is a New York-based journal that reports on the North American newspaper industry including advertising, marketing, circulation, online and business, among others. The winners of E&P's Eppy Awards were announced yesterday and include:

Best Business Blog 
Today in the Sk

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MAY 7, 2009 5:43PM

Entrepreneur Mag Unfairly Sued Over Top 100 List

 A large group of individual investors who read the May 2008 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine are suing the magazine for misleading readers about a company called Agape World Inc., which was listed No. 73 on Entrepreneur's "Hot 100: America's Top Fast-Growth Business and the Entreprene… Read full post »


Most people have sweet tooths. They like a little ice cream or some kind of sweet baked good. My dad's favorite snack is M&Ms. Somtimes he'll dump a bunch into a small amount of peanut butter and eat it with a spoon.

But not me. I have savory… Read full post »

Today was a coworker's birthday. For the occasion Ms. Lois Schwartz baked one of her famous coffee cake--chocolate chip coffee cake, to be exact. It was my first taste of Lois' coffee cake and it was devine. Coffee cake is always in danger of being dry and on the heavy side,… Read full post »

APRIL 9, 2009 10:59PM

Virtual Dress Up

Thanks to Verbal Remedy, I got to play virtual dress up. It was sort of fun! I'm not a real flashy dresser. I like neutral colors and traditional cuts. Guess I'm kind of boring that way.

Casual wear, cute flip-flops. Would wear this to work.

 Casualwork wear for San Diego. Cute flip-flops!


Little more formal… Read full post »

There's not really evidence that pet owners are sacrificing their kids' meals for their dogs' meals. But consumer spending on pets, in a number of categories, is definitely growing faster than spending on fellow humans.

In fact, Bob Vetere, president of the American Pet Products Assn.… Read full post »


This is my daughter. She will be 3-years-old next month. She has strong opinions about what she wants to wear on most days. We let her choose.

On this day she is wearing six shirts in this order:  a red long-sleeved cotton tee,Read full post »

MARCH 23, 2009 2:00AM

Celebrating Foam

My husband is a surfer and he just shaped his own surfboard, a feat not easily accomplished.

surf 2 032


Before his last birthday he dropped hints about how he wanted to shape his own surfboard. His desire was noble, but the problem with surfboard shaping is… Read full post »