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MARCH 4, 2009 4:02PM

GOP: Shock and Awe Turns to Squawk and Claw

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I don’t think I’ve had such a good laugh in weeks: Republicans growling and snapping at each other on the mass media stage. It’s like watching a "three legged" race at a “dysfunctional family” picnic.


Gop Infighting


On one side of the sack? The self proclaimed “real conservatives” and on the other side? The self proclaimed “real conservatives.” Both aren’t getting anywhere simply because they keep trying to kick each other while sporadically spouting anti-Democratic Party vitriol. But watching the show is akin to chuckling at America’s Funniest Home Videos.


Meanwhile, President Obama calmly and smoothly goes about trying to get his bills passed and programs put into action. He is asking for an awful lot of money.


He is asking for an awful lot of patience too. But he’s asking for reasons that are reasonable. Mr. Obama wants to get help to the American people. Mr.Obama wants to get the United States into the 21st Century world game, not the game of chest beating and bravado blaring that has besmirched the US reputation around the world since last century.


It is just laughable that the GOP is screeching about growing deficits and debt. They didn’t seem to think it so horrid when they plunged the US into massive “deficit-ville” time and time again during the Bush Administration. They hardly blinked an eye when, under the excuse of “national security,” they handed out no-bid contract after no-bid contract. So suddenly they’ve got “fiscal responsibility” religion?


As I am often quoted: “Oh, Puleeeze….”  It’s not fooling anyone.


But beware, while the scratching and clawing goes on in public the less overtly vocal GOP is taking a good hard look at how it can rework its image and rhetoric to once again appeal to a broader spectrum of voters:  It’s going to take time though for the GOP to at least "look sane” again. But until that time, at least watching this “sack race,” I don’t feel like I’m left holding the bag.


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