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MAY 6, 2009 1:47PM

Apps You Won't See on Facebook (Part I)

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Given the state of the economy I got to wondering. I see all these social-media-micro-market-targeting “quizzes” on facebook these days, why don’t these “apps” include some of the following?

Songweasel has taken the “If you must be poor, you’d like to be poor in…” quiz with the final result France.


You enjoy walking but also like having clean reliable mass transit available to you. You love day old discounted baguettes that crunch and taste good even with just a little bit of very expensive butter. You also like the idea of health care when you need it rather than only if you can afford it. Dental care too! You like a social safety net, so, if you must be poor, you should be poor in France.


Songweasel has taken the “How many jobs can you handle to make enough money to live…” quiz with the final result Three.


You’ve found out that you really only need 5 hours sleep per night so you probably can manage Three part time jobs. But of course it all depends on how the managers schedule you. Remember “flexible” schedules to most employers today mean flexible for the employer not the employee. That means “put any worker anywhere at any time, regardless of whether it wreaks havoc with other needed jobs or family commitments of that employee.” But you are resilient and don’t mind. You also have a car that is running today and employers like that so your schedule can be even more “flexible!” 


Songweasel has taken the “Your escape from reality medication is…” quiz with the final result Over the Counter Cough Medicine.


With its high alcohol and Benadryl content, over the counter cough medicine is the perfect way for you to zone out after another depressing day trying to find even part time work in your town. Faced with no prospects, ever increasing  insecurity and fear, as well as the constant reminders that just about everyone you  know seems to be doing so much "better" than you, you find that a single shot of cherry cough syrup puts you to sleep in no time flat! The cost of a generic brand bottle is far more affordable than booze too.


Songweasel has taken the “Food Bank item you head for right away is…” quiz with the final result Canned Ravioli.


Longing for the piazzas of Rome, and wearing huge sunglasses to avoid making eye contact, you head right for the delightful repast that only canned ravioli can provide. Somehow the shame of being a failure melts away with the taste of pasta, ketchup-like sauce and morsels of ricotta cheese. And since it’s already cooked, there’s no need to run up any utility bills to eat it. You’re just a pull tab away from Tuscany. Grab a fork and buono appetito!


Songweasel has taken the “Higher Education degree you find least useful…” quiz with the final result Bachelor’s Degree.



You worked hard to get that sheepskin but right now, in this economy and with a lower paid globally based work force available, you are just not viable as an employee. In fact, having an advanced degree might actually be a liability. While recent statistics show only 4% of college grads are unemployed, you know that there are few if any statistics that show how many college grads are “under-employed.” You have found that you actually have a better chance at getting work if you “dumb-down” your education and experience.


Songweasel has taken the “People you’d like to kick around the room…” quiz with the final result ERROR-ERROR-ERROR.


Error Message: the results of your quiz are so numerous that they have jammed all of our servers and require us to do maintenance on your page. Please check to see that the CAPS LOCK function is not lit on your keyboard. Please check back with us later after maintenance is completed. Thank you.

I'm sure there are more...stay tuned. :)





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Hey, the links don't work. I really wanted to take these quizzes too.
Good stuff! :-)