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OCTOBER 8, 2009 10:14AM

My First Public Melt Down

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I had my first public melt down the other day.

I was at a health insurance reform vigil at my Senator’s office when some poor young political campaign staffer made a mistake. He asked me how I was doing. 

I just couldn’t do the “socially correct” happy talk and say “Oh, ok.” I looked at the poor guy and said, “You really want to know? Or is this just a passing social-obligation-you-feel-the-need-to-fulfill?”

The he made the even bigger mistake of saying, “Oh no, I really want to know.”

Facing him squarely, I stepped to the edge of his 18 inches of socially acceptable “personal space.” I told him the following:

“Not well. Not well at all. I have no job. I can’t get any benefits. I can’t get food stamps. 401K? Gone. Savings? Gone. I have to take care of my sister’s bills too since she can’t find a job either. You want me to go on?”

And here’s where youth and inexperience really showed. He said, “I know what you’re going through.”

I lost it.

“No you don’t. You haven’t got a clue. You have a job. You have income. You don’t wake up each day and wonder.’ how the hell I am going to pay the electric bills this month?’ You haven’t got a frickin’ clue. You don’t wake up and say, ‘Property tax bills will be coming in and I have to figure some way of paying them or we’ll lose houses.’ You don’t say, ‘I never thought I’d feel like a load of garbage, discounted, devalued, and kicked to the curb. I apply for job after job after job and hear nothing…nothing! I have a college degree in frickin’ accounting and I’m applying for anything and everything from cashier to flipping burgers to warehouse work. And I hear nothing.’ You don’t say, ‘I have no idea if I’m well or sick, I’ll just live with physical pain every day.’ You know what I’m going through?! You don’t know. You haven’t got a fricking clue.”

By that time, a good friend put her hand on my shoulder. I stepped back. She whispered, “You’re scaring the boy.”

“You’re right. I really don’t know what you’re going through,” he said, eyes lowered.

“No you don’t.” By that point I sounded a bit saner. “And neither does your candidate boss. So you tell him to give me a call if he wants to find out. I’ll keep it simple for him.”

I turned away and returned to taking pictures of the gathering. I had a purpose again: to shoot rally pictures. Having even that temporary purpose made me feel better.

About a half hour later, a lady who had been waving signs at passing cars came by and leaned over to me. “What you said to that boy, back there...” I rolled my eyes and said, “Oh I know, I guess I kinda went off on him. I  should apologize.”

She grabbed my arm and looked me square in the face and said in a low almost menacing whisper. “Don’t you dare apologize. Don’t you dare.”


rally again2

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You are part of the American army of uninsured. I wish you the best.
Right on! So many politicos don't have any touch with reality.
Absolutely right - don't you DARE apologize!
Excellent writing. Laser beam ending.

We need a Jolly New TR, with a gut full of trust-busting rage and a twinkle in his eye.
I am most amazed at the disconnect of the American people at large. Large numbers of people have been duped ever since the days of Nixon plus Kaiser, and it boggles my mind. Good going. I am GLAD you told the truth when asked, "How are you?" More people should.
She's right - don't you dare. Hopefully your story sticks with that guy and he realizes what's really at stake here. This is life or death in a lot of cases and we need to let those in charge know how we really feel. Kudos.
He will never forget it. Lesson learned.
Thanks for the melt-down! You were right on. That young person has a lot to learn. Good luck down in FL - I know things are bad there. We all need to get VOCAL about so many subjects - send this blog entry to your senator and congressmen! Rated. Congrats on the EP!
AMEN! I'm so glad you spoke the truth to someone who did not know the truth. I understand your pain - I do. We're there as well. It's tough. Thank you for writing - it helps more than you know. (Rated).
Happy you did not waste that oportunity! Wonder if that kid will ever ask again. (He should pack *lots* of clean underpants.)
My friends here in Europe can't get their brains around the facts of how bad the U.S. health system really is.
Seems alot of people in the U.S. can't either and that's why it's such a monster f'n problem.