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NOVEMBER 6, 2009 1:16PM

Breaking: Suspect Arrested in Office Shooting in Orlando

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Police have arrested a suspect in an office shooting spree earlier today in Orlando. Police have arrested 40 year old Jason Rodriguez at his mother's residence at  Hollowbrook Apartments several miles from 1000 Legion Place where the shootings took place. Police say Rodgriguez was arrested "without incident." According to local tv station raw video, the only words from Rodriguez are "They left me to rot."

At least 1 person confirmed dead, and Orlando Police are saying there were 5 other shooting victims in the shooting spree. Several shooting victims are at Orlando Regional Medical Center. They are reported in stable condition.

Orlando Police say Rodriguez, a former employee of Reynolds,Smith and Hills  allegedly entered the building around 11 am today and opened fire at offices on the 8th floor.  

Police have reopened I-4 which was blocked off thru downtown Orlando from 11am . 2 area schools were on lock down from 11am until 2pm but students be will dismissed at the normal time.

Some of those evacuated from the building have reportedly identified Rodriguez as the shooter. Rodgriguez was once an employee at RS&H 2 years ago. Police spokeswoman Sgt. Barb Jones is telling family members of employees to gather at a local church at 1914 Edgewater Drive in Orlando for more information about the shooting.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer in a press briefing called the incident "tragic" and praised the local Police Department for its fast and precise response. Police Chief Val Demmings praised her department as well.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist at a press briefing called the incident "tragic" and "shocking" especially on the heels of the shootings at Fort Hood yesterday. "You don't think it can happen in Florida or Orlando, but it can." Crist commended "the cooperation" and "the extraordinary job" done by federal state and local law enforcement in "so quickly bringing justice to bear." Crist said he came to Orlando from Tampa immediately upon hearing about the shooting. He said he wanted to send "thoughts and prayers" for those in grief from the incident.

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