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DECEMBER 24, 2011 9:25PM

Im baaack (Mwaaah)!

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I'm sorry I have not been in touch in forever, but my last six hospitals in the last ten months have been incommunicado via Wi-Fi or just plain fucked up Wi-Fi (thank you t0 my Anglo-Saxon heritage) until the last few days!

I am now in the Florida institute of Neurological Rehabilitation (863-773-2857, you will reach the operator, ask her for the Dogwood cabin room A.

My email address is still fred@twangtown.com.

I am doing remarkably well, I can move my legs all over my bed, and if you will call me I will tell you some much dirtier news.

I will probably be here for about a year but should walk away, badly maybe, but walk none the less.

I can sit in a wheelchair for the whole day so now can type sitting up, but  in a couple  of weeks when my sister drives down from north Florida I will have my microphone so I can use my voice type software to keep in touch much more often.

Thats enough for now, the Valium's kicking in and I'm becoming much more incoherent.

Love you all, always did.  My typist is articulate but can't spell very well but is very cute, so that makes up for a myriad of sins and also has a great rack.

Talk to you soon, but will post much more often in a couple of weeks.

P.S.  If you call me, ask me about Naomi!

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Oops that would be FFH.. I was excited.
Fred.. wtf? spill
What a nice Christmas present to all of us! Welcome back, Fred, we missed you. Talk to you soon.

♥Rated with joy.
Such happy news. Haha on the dirty news. You rascal. Hope to find out about that ASAP.
Fred! You turned up just in time to be a great Christmas gift to all your friends at OS. It is great to hear from you. Merry Christmas!

BTW, you are a big tease! So who's this Naomi?
Fred, Best Christmas news I have heard..
I will email you..
Thank you doing doing this note..
I am so happy, indeed what a gift. I have been so worried about you. It is so cool to read that your sense of humor is still going strong.
I will be checking here soon for more wonderful news.
rating with love
- wonderful to see this post, Fred.

Please write about your progress in the months ahead. Season's cheers to you!
Six hospitals in ten months? Dude.
I've been told a great rack covers a multitude of sins...
YOOOO Fred! so glad to see you. Will contact!
I am proud to have prayed for this! Even for the "much dirtier news!"
It is so nice to see your face again. Hard to comprehend what you've been through but thank goodness the worst is behind you. Here's hoping you walk out of there even sooner and faster than you think, Fred.
Welcome back, bubba. Good news is always welcome here. Tell us about Naomi.