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NOVEMBER 4, 2012 8:27PM

The Navigator!

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In uncertain times when nature itself seems to conspire against the greater good of the greatest number, I was reminded of and comforted by this old poem of mine, and would like to share it with all of you.

I may have posted it before but I can't find it in my OS archives so here goes...

 The Navigator

c.2010 Fred Hallman

Oh, my soul be still, be calm. 
 Assured that better hands have never guided ships, nor set a course, than those that steer your life's progress. 
That those in fact, those self-same hands, have guided myriad stars to some unknown  'stination, port-of-call; invis'ble strings are holding firm - the all!   
So why then your distress, your pain?  
Why don't you laugh and shout to bring the  rafters down? 
You've much to live for after all! 
Events are not so harsh that you should  wring your hands, hang your head, roll over  dead. 
Your life's begun anew, so why then  aren't you confident and sure; that One who's given so much, even now is  only dying-trying,
to give you even more!






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We shall over come!!! RATED!!!
If Mankind is to overcome his many difficulties he must stand up and work at doing so. It WILL NOT be done for him!

How many more centuries of religious clap-trap must we endure from the mouths of thoughtless fools who, having themselves been fooled into putting control of their lives into non-existant "hands", now seek the reassurance they hope to get for such a foolish action by inducing others to do the same?

No Mafia or drug cartel has done more harm to Mankind than the vapid mouthings that lead the unwary into an addiction to idiotic beliefs that bear no connection to reality.

I'd sooner put myself into the hands of an honest peon than walk of my own volition into that awful maw of deceit, lies, and smug arrogance, that is implied in that piece of chicanery - that poem.

No "rating" can be given for this save a negative one.....

A call for calmness and reassurance after a natural disaster and hope to those who are currently in short supply of same. And you object Skype?
And you call me a hater.
I have made no objection to any "call for calmness" - In fact I saw no such thing. And "reassurance" from kneeling in obeisance to a non-existant deity is far from reassuring!

Typical of the religious breed, you impute something to my words that is not there and imply a goodness in your words that also isn't there.

What little progress Mankind has made has NOT been made on his knees. Nor has it been made with the help of kneelers, but rather over their hindrance and unwillingness to do more than wail, plead, and beg their nonsensical gods for help. Once those who have met the challenge are done their work, the weepers and moaners, ignoring them, then demand that all give thanks to their deity for delivering them from their problems.

Disgusting! Absolutely disgusting! No honour and no shame at all. Everything is grist for your mill, Sandy, the election, everything. Anything that gives you the excuse to call on people to give over their common sense and believe as you do. If you were truly confident of your beliefs, you'd never need to try to get others to think(?) as you do. Your doubts give your claims the lie.
"O my soul be still be calm... and not once did I even suggest that anyone should do, say or believe anything but myself.
And I'll believe as I do rather than surrender to hate.
What are you trolling for?
Use different bait.
"O my soul be still be calm... and not once did I even suggest that anyone should do, say or believe anything but myself.
And I'll believe as I do rather than surrender to hate.
What are you trolling for?
Use different bait.
Like manure spread on my rose-bed is your disdain.
I may be doing something right after all!
Have a nice day now ya' hear!
That's twice now that you've called me a "hater" of some sort.
I 'hate' to say it, but that's typical of religionists who term any disagreement with their nonsense as "hate."

Sir, if I wished to show any "hate" towards you, you'd see it clearly and openly. I have not done so in any way, shape, or form; if you think that I have, then please point it out to me. I, contrary to you, do not have to manufacture another person's "hate" when my opinion is disputed. Your accusations of hate would seem to fit you more than they fit me.

But then you ARE religious, aren't you? Facts don't really matter to you, do they? Your silly "beliefs" are all......

Sad. Very sad.
"Disgusting! Absolutely disgusting! No honour and no shame at all. "

Sorry Jack! Hateful!