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Sourie de Campagne
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November 02
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OCTOBER 12, 2009 6:22PM

Where Have I Been?

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...Working on some blog items that aren't ready to go, but mostly deciding whether this still makes sense for me. I enjoy it, don't get me wrong; love the writing, the connecting, ne sais quoi. But...time does not equal money. As the owner of a large, old, mouse-attracting house, I need to figure out what does.

Ciao for now, amis.

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If only money and blogging were synonymous.... ~R~
Tu me manque beacoup!
CAS: Ain't THAT the truth!

Cartouche: Merci.
So you've decided to run a mouse hostel? :-D

I was beginning to wonder if you were just dropping out. Glad to see you didn't.

Please, if that should change, let us know.

Many of us are parents - we worry. :-D
Ah, Bill; my bud. Thank you for that. (Love the new look!)

Not really going away, just trying to figure out how and whether to put in the time. The funny thing is, I resisted blogging for years, bc I couldn't see a way to make money at it. That, ultimately, is what's making me re-evaluate how I spend my time now.

I do hope to post again soon-ish. (And, no: The mice made that decision by themselves!)

Again, thanks.

"S" (a/k/a C)