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NOVEMBER 21, 2012 5:46PM

When 12-21-12 Meets 666?

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One month out from the supposed day of destiny, the notion of the Mayan apocalypse prediction still lingers in the popular imagination. If this discredited idea insists on persisting, we owe it to ourselves to consider it from an alternative angle. Perhaps December 21 isn't the date when the world will literally come to an end but rather is the point at which we collectively stop believing that it deserves to continue. 

Looking up in the sky tonight, I was struck by the array of color from a jet's vapor-trail. Therein was the dilemma - as lovely as my heart found it, my head knew the chemicals the plane was pushing out were bad for our planet. Somehow science is rarely so beautiful as when it's being destructive, even when it does so in subtle ways.

Maybe that's part of why so many people of faith have difficulty with things like "global warming". It's hard to reconcile one's faith in a benevolent supreme being with the concept that this entity's handiwork could be both appealing and dangerous. After all, isn't that the Devil's move? If so, perhaps all it means is that the Devil isn't just in the details but also in us.

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Interesting thought. I wonder about an article I read about the Earth's poles shifting, and how the calendar coincides with previous such events. It will be an interesting month.