MAY 15, 2012 6:41AM

Facebook Files New S-1, Pricing $34-38 Per Share, Raising $14.7B

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Facebook has filed a new S-1, and it contains more details on the IPO.

It will offer underwriters the right to purchase up to an additional 50,612,302 shares of Class A common stock to cover over-allotments. Facebook anticipates that the initial public offering price will be between $34.00 and $38.00 per share.

In total there will be 337.5 million shares offered, plus the 50.6 million additional shares (so up to 388 million shares sold), and it wants to raise $14.7 billion. The stock will be trading under FB.

With the low end of the pricing working out to $13.1 billion, this could mean a valuation of between $92 billion and $103 billion, according to CNBC.

The additional 50.6 million shares, and the pricing of between $34-38 per share, confirms a report we ran earlier noting both the “greenshoe” of additional shares to meet demand, as well as the stock pricing.

More to come. Refresh for updates.

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