When it comes to being the Mall of the Internet, no one really does it better than Amazon. Yet, to truly best its offline competitors and put the icing on the cake in terms of user experience, Amazon has been pushing hard to offer same-day delivery for all items purchased within… Read full post »


Mike McCue, the longtime tech entrepreneur perhaps best known at the moment as the founder and CEO of Flipboard, is no longer serving on the board of directors at Twitter.

McCue, who has been on Twitter’s board since late 2010, announced his departure via a Tweet, naturally:


Today in the tech news rumor mill: A source close to Google tells us that the company has put a stop to all acquisitions related to Google+, at least until the end of this year. This source also tells us that Google is weary of both growing the Google+ team right… Read full post »

This Is Medium

When Evan Williams and a bunch of other Obvious Corp teammates suddenly follow a snazzy, un-launched product called Medium, you something big’s about to happen. For now, is a website that lets you easily drag in or upload a photo and annotate it with overlaid text, but it&#821… Read full post »


A French t-shirt company has brazenly picked a fight with one of the world’s fiercest hacker groups. Anonymous, known for crippling the world’s most secure websites (including the FBI’s), has vowed revenge against apparel company, Early Flicker, who registered the hacker grou… Read full post »

Google Wallet

Of all the limitations that Google’s NFC-based Wallet payment system had, perhaps the biggest was that of card compatibility — once you blew through that free $10 credit, it only ever worked well if you owned a CitiBank MasterCard.

Note the use of the past tense in that sentence. G… Read full post »


Here’s an interesting approach to the seemingly eternal problem of mobile app discovery: A new app called AppAide recommends apps based on actual usage.

The App comes from BetaBait, a company that connects startups with early users. Back in May, BetaBait acquired BetaNoodle, a company do… Read full post »


Texting-addled young minds are losing their grip on the English language, according to a new study from Wake Forest. The research, which reveals a correlation between the use of SMS-abbreviations and poor grammar proficiency, comes as bitter sweet vindication for modern teachers who have to wa… Read full post »


The folks behind the stylish, Android-based OUYA game console have been on a hot streak lately. Not only has the project raked in over $6 million in Kickstarter pledges, but cloud gaming service OnLive and legendary game developer Square-Enix have thrown their collective weight behind the $99… Read full post »


You may have noticed recently that Quora has increasingly required you to log in to see the full breadth of the site’s question-and-answer content. Today, it’s rolling out a new feature that shares some of the data it collects from those signed-in users: Quora ‘Views,’Read full post »

cover photo

Many of the startups targeting the weddings space today are focused on offering better services for the bride and/or the couple, but with a new mobile application called Wedding Party, that model has been flipped on its head. Wedding Party wants to offer a better wedding experience for the gueRead full post »

online now

Yammer, the enterprise social networking company that was recently bought by Microsoft for $1.2 billion, is getting ready to add a new instant messaging feature called Online Now to its main service, enabling users to chat to each other in real time. Online Now will sit alongside existing serv… Read full post »

The Twitter Political Index

Twitter just announced the launch of its Twitter Political Index. This index, says Twitter, is “a daily measurement of Twitter users’ feelings towards the candidates as expressed in nearly two million Tweets each week.” Every day, twitter will evaluate and weigh the sentiment of… Read full post »

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Thirst, an app that helps users get caught up with important news as it’s shared on Twitter, is expanding beyond the iPad today with the launch of a “universal” app that works on the iPhone and iPod Touch, too.

Thirst launched in May, and as co-founder and CEO Anuj Verma tell… Read full post »


Right on schedule, Microsoft has just announced on its Windows Team blog that Windows 8 has emerged from its long development and testing phase, and will soon be in the hands of manufacturers and OEMs for installation on new PCs and devices.

Among those on the list to receive the final… Read full post »


Zapier, the Y Combinator-backed service that allows you to automate common tasks on the web and sync data between web apps, just announced the launch of its third-party developer platform. With Zapier, even non-technical users can easily create connections between the more than 60 apps the ser… Read full post »


CardSpring, an ambitious payments startup founded by former Netscape engineers, is building a platform that connects web and mobile applications to payment cards. It’s a card-linked payment infrastructure that can work across any bank or card type (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx, etc.… Read full post »


During the great Amazon Web Services outages of April 2011 and June 2012 many users were stuck. They could, in theory, move their apps to another AWS region, or to another cloud provider altogether. But in practice the architecture of AWS regions are unique – each one supports slightly d… Read full post »


In case you hadn’t already heard, NASA’s Curiosity rover — which is the largest rover NASA has ever launched — should touch down on the Martian surface in just over four days.

That fateful night comes after nearly eight months of interplanetary travel, and thankfully fo… Read full post »


ComScore today released its latest quarterly figures on the state of the mobile market in the U.S. based on active users, and while the exact numbers are different, the basic picture is the same as the one that Strategy Analytics painted earlier in the week around smartphone sales: Apple&#8217… Read full post »

Screen Shot 2012-08-01 at 11.36.08

It’s always interesting to see when a company builds a product on the side purely to scratch its own itch, and then decides that said product has the making of a startup in itself. That appears to be the case with daPulse which, broadly speaking, plays in the enterprise social network… Read full post »


In the mobile application ecosystems offered by the iOS and Android platforms, there’s now a booming “middle class” of mobile application developers, according to new data from analytics firm Flurry. Even the long tail is benefitting – something that goes counter to tra… Read full post »


Back in the day BigArtMob was originally a cultural project backed by UK broadcaster Channel 4, but now it’s being re-animated as a full-blown startup. It’s starting from an interesting – shall we say – position. It allows people to upload and tag ‘public art&#821… Read full post »


Silk, makers of a free web-based personal database/content crunching app, today announced a $1.6 million seed funding round led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) with participation from Atomico, Anil Hansjee, Jens Christensen and Philippe Cases.

The founders of Silk don’t actually descr… Read full post »


Apparently Denon just discovered the iPhone. The audio company just released the Cocoon Home and Portable speaker dock. In traditional audiophile nonsense speak, Denon describes the Cocoon’s shape as a “sculptural design with premium execution that blends in while standing out.R… Read full post »