Facebook Desktop Shifts To Mobile

There’s a staggering new statistic in Facebook’s 10-Q SEC document today: 102 million people accessed Facebook solely from mobile in June, a massive 23% increase over the 83 million mobile-only users in March. 18.7% of its 543 million monthly mobile users don’t even visit its… Read full post »


Guys, guys, so because everybody obviously wants to party with Josh Constine, tickets to the TechCrunch annual summer party at August Capital are sold out.

In case you want a backdoor way in, don’t know a guy and don’t want to scale the fence, our Facebook Ecosystem CrunchUp ticket… Read full post »

Coming Soon Digg

After just six weeks of hard work, Digg‘s new owners at Betaworks just flipped the switch and re-launched the site. The new Digg was originally scheduled to launch tomorrow, but despite the tight deadline, the Digg team managed to get this completely rewritten version of the site out ahe… Read full post »

zynga logo

Here’s another nugget from the release of Facebook’s 10-Q today: Zynga accounted for 14 percent of its revenues in the first six months of 2012, but that number is down from the 19 percent of revenue that Zynga made up in 2011.

Revenues that Facebook collects from Zynga include pa… Read full post »


Burf aka Simon Burfield is an iOS programmer and Lego experimenter who tries to take building blocks to the next level. Interestingly, if this wild rideable Lego wheelchair is any indication, he’s left the next level and is now firmly in the distant future.

Made with 12 Lego NXT motors… Read full post »


Verizon has been slapped with a $1.25 million fine for charging customers to use their cell phones as a mobile Internet hotspot, and has declared that it must allow tethering for free. Google must also reinstate tethering applications from its Android store, which Verizon had asked them to rem… Read full post »


Mozilla announced today that they are expanding the size of their San Francisco office and will add 125 employees to the office’s current staff of 150 by early 2013. Mozilla currently occupies the seventh and part of the third floor of the Hills Brothers Building at 2 Harrison St. and w… Read full post »


Facebook has become known for making a good number of talent-focused startup acquisitions, aka acqui-hires — but the cost of each deal is normally kept under wraps. In a regulatory quarterly filing the company made today with the Securities and Exchange Commission, though, it put an aggr… Read full post »


Here’s hoping you weren’t planning on using one of Google’s Nexus Qs any time soon — the company has just revealed to pre-order customers that it has postponed the device’s consumer launch because users wanted more out of the curious little orb.

That said, Google&… Read full post »

Google Adaptly Done

Wildfire, just acquired by Google, isn’t a social ads company. It relies on its partner Adaptly for access to ads APIs for Facebook and other sites. That means Google may buy Adaptly or another ads company any minute now. Otherwise Google will have to split the profits of social ads WildRead full post »


Mobile usage is upending web empires, as Silicon Valley has come to realize over the last few years. And we’ll have two companies smack in the middle of the shift present at our Facebook Ecosystem CrunchUp this Friday in Redwood City, Calif., sharing how they’re surviving in this n… Read full post »


Twitter posted an explanation and apology on their blog regarding the Guy Adams/NBC debacle.

“That said, we want to apologize for the part of this story that we did mess up,” the post reads. “The team working closely with NBC around our Olympics partnership did proactively id… Read full post »


Shahar Nechmad, who previously founded and ran web analytics company NuComony (which was acquired by LivePerson), has a new startup whose pitch, at least, is a little more fun. Stagedom aims to be the app where people can find new music, tour dates, videos, and other updates from their favorit… Read full post »


Today the incredibly high-profile patent war between Apple and Samsung got underway in the U.S. beginning with Apple’s opening statements.

And no punch was pulled — Apple’s lawyer made a few hard-hitting claims in the courtroom, providing documents that show Samsung thought… Read full post »


Amazon just updated its Cloud Player music storage service with a number of interesting new features, including an iTunes Match-like scan and match technology that allows Amazon to just scan a user’s music library and add matching songs to that user’s library without having to uplo… Read full post »


Google has just bought social marketing software developer Wildfire, which lets brands serve marketing and ad campaigns on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. Wildfire has grown to 400 employees over the last four years and now serves 16,000 customers. Several s… Read full post »


Independent reporter Guy Adams Twitter account was restored today. It was suspended after Adams tweeted NBC President of the Olympics Gary Zenkel’s email address.

Adams tweeted in two parts, “Twitter emails to tell me: “we have just received an update from the complainant r… Read full post »

Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 10.44.47 AM

Yahoo Mail users were surprised today by an upgrade that never went through, blocking them from accessing their inbox. Hundreds of users have taken to Yahoo Answers to try to figure out what’s happening.

Yahoo user “Brad” started a popular thread, “I got a message that… Read full post »

BBC streaming blocked? StrongVPN promoted tweet

We’ve been pretty outspoken about NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. From what looked like a good start full of social media promise, the broadcaster has failed to deliver the most crucial element of all: a large, unfettered river of live sports content from the event itself, availab… Read full post »


It looks like someone made the colossally silly decision to buy Mitt Romney Twitter followers. Earlier this month, Romney saw an implausible spike of 150,000 Twitter followers, and many of these likely fake accounts had less than 2 followers, according to some crack reporting by The AtlantiRead full post »

Google Drive

Google’s browser-centric Chromebooks have now found their way into your local big-box electronic store and they seem to be a hit with schools, but there is little evidence that mainstream users are warming up to Google’s ChromeOS devices. Nevertheless, the company is pressing on wi… Read full post »


Today Facebook begins the roll out of “Page Post Targeting Enhanced” allowing Pages to target their posts to segments of fans with certain genders, ages, Likes, and other characteristics so they can tailor market messages to specific audiences. For example, a business could tell te… Read full post »


When Shelby.tv shut down its online video discovery engine earlier this month, some viewed it as a sign that the New York City-based startup was in trouble. After all, while CEO Reece Pacheco assured users that Shelby.tv would be back, it’s not every day that a startup just pulls its pro… Read full post »


A new startup called Hiptype wants to bring the bring all the analytics data that have become standard on the Web to the world of e-books.

Hiptype’s co-founders, James Levy (CEO) and Sohail Prasad (CTO), describe the product as “Google Analytics for e-books.” They say they we… Read full post »


Obama For America released the iPhone version of a voter engagement app today with the Android version set to be released soon. The app is meant to bolster the campaign’s grassroots efforts, 100 days out from November’s presidential election.

The app synchronizes with Facebook, Twitter… Read full post »