According to Bloomberg, Google’s Motorola unit just filed a new patent-infringement lawsuit against Apple with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) in Washington. According to this report, Google’s complaint seeks to block Apple from importing the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch… Read full post »


We’re hearing from a reliable source that OnLive’s founder and CEO Steve Perlman finally decided to make an exit — and in the process, is screwing the employees who helped build the company and brand. The cloud gaming company reportedly had several suitors over the last few y… Read full post »


Far away from Silicon Valley is another echo chamber in the Ivory Tower, except there’s very little transparency there about how content and ideas spread.

Academia.edu, a social network for researchers, just unveiled an analytics dashboard that’s meant to help scientists and other… Read full post »


More than a few AT&T customers got worked up a few weeks back when a peculiar pop-up in iOS 6 Beta 3 pointed to the possibility that the carrier would charge people to use FaceTime over its wireless data network.

Well, that’s officially not that case — AT&T just confirmed iRead full post »


David Tisch, the well known New York City-based seed investor and advisor, is stepping down from his role as Managing Director of the TechStars startup accelerator. Tisch has been with TechStars since 2010, when he co-founded the program’s New York city location.

He announced the move in… Read full post »

velti logo

Yes, it’s a big day for mobile ad reports, at least at TechCrunch — mobile marketing company Velti just released its report for July.

One of the themes in recent reports has been the relatively slow growth of the new iPad when it comes to ad impression front. In July, however,… Read full post »


If you were told you could listen to the radio at a reasonable level in your cubicle and that you were going to be allowed to keep your stapler, this is probably the tape dispenser for you. The T-EM50 by Kokuyo will spit out tape at pre-determined lengths again and again,… Read full post »

Official Olympic Channel

The less said about the quality of NBC’s Olympics coverage in the U.S., the better, but in terms of the quantity of live and recorded Olympics video streamed this year, the partnership between NBC and YouTube clearly worked out well. Even by YouTube’s standards, live streaming the… Read full post »


Reports are hitting that OnLive, the cloud gaming service, laid off the majority of its staff today. Apparently the staff was called in for an all hands on meeting this morning and was promptly shown the door — or something like that. According to Mashable, some staffers could be rehired… Read full post »


In early 2011, Y Combinator-backed AnyLeaf opened its grocery deal aggregation service to to citizens of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our own Leena Rao (and TC alumnus Greg Kumparak) thought rather highly of it, but it’s been over a year since then and the team behind it has had a… Read full post »


Editor’s note: Justin Rosenstein is the co-founder of Asana. He’ll be speaking at Disrupt SF on the future of work. This article is a precursor to a larger vision which he has offered to share at SXSW; you can vote for his talk here.

When you watch a skilled guitarist play,… Read full post »


The weekend is coming up and that means one thing. I have to do my expenses.

It’s time to organize my receipts and make an expense sheet and invoice document. After that comes the scanning – standing over the printer, making sure the wireless is working so it syncs with my… Read full post »


Um, we leverage crowdsourcing and um, like, people’s social graph to like find out about new discoveries and the people and places you might find interesting. Right, OK. But what do you actually do? We tap into Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn to personalize our recommendation engine wRead full post »


This is probably not the Google+ API you have been waiting for, but Google just announced the launch of version 1.2 of its Hangouts API, which comes with a number of significant new features for developers who are building products on top of Google’s group video chat service. In addition… Read full post »


Will the TouchPad ride again? HP apparently just internally announced a new division focused on mobile within the Personal Systems Group. This new team, named in HP’s traditional jargon, Mobility Global Business Unit, is essentially responsible for getting HP back in the tablet fight.

D… Read full post »

HD Trade Services

The globalization of our economy — and the role that countries like China play in manufacturing goods that get consumed very far outside its borders — has been a big topic in the tech world. One of the sidenotes of that story is the role of shipping and distribution — an ess… Read full post »

mopub logo

MoPub, the Accel-backed ad serving startup that helps mobile publishers manage multiple monetization sources, has just released its first report on the data from its mobile ad exchange. It takes a different tack than most of the reports I’ve seen, focusing on slightly arcane-sounding met… Read full post »

Image of Kenny The Clown from Facebook (Maybe he should have asked for an iPhone?)

Image of Kenny The Clown from Facebook (Maybe he should have asked for an iPhone? Zing.)

I’ll admit — at times in my working life, I’ve had to use some imagination to make certain bits of tech or business news seem interesting (not at TechCrunch, of course, because we only eve…

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Andrew McLaughlin, a Tumblr VP and Google’s former head of public policy, is joining Betaworks, the company/incubator/investor behind bit.ly, news.me, and Chartbeat (and recent Digg acquirer). According to a blog post on McLaughlin’s personal site, he will be an entrepreneur-in-res… Read full post »


There’s no shortage of HTML5 games (or developers for that matter) out there, but most of them don’t offer much competition for more graphically-intensive, engrossing native games.

“You can run StarCraft on your PC, but the best game you can in your browser is, like, FarmVille,  Read full post »

(danielharless.com) There are times when, despite the potential seriousness of a crime, a little compassion is in order for those and their families, for children cannot be held responsible for the crimes of their parents.

They especially should not be made to suffer if their parents are actually… Read full post »

AUGUST 6, 2012 10:30PM

My Response to the LA Times

Sunday's L.A .Times Op-Ed pages feature a column by Jonathan Chait describing how, "If you have ever sold your house, chances are you had to pay somewhere around 6% to real estate agents. You were robbed. And the people who robbed you are, naturally, determined to keep on robbing you and… Read full post »

xyologic app store

A big step up for Xyologic, the app analytics firm out of Berlin: it’s announcing a significant round of funding from Signia Venture Partners, the investment vehicle led by gaming entrepreneur Rick Thompson (Playdom); Klaas Kersting (Gameforge), and Soundcloud founder Eric Wahlforss; and i… Read full post »


Today, Amazon is updating its mobile applications for Android and iOS with a couple of notable additions that will make using these small-screened counterparts more in line with the desktop-sized website. Probably the most helpful change is the ability to browse and shop by department (finally… Read full post »

Aereo Pricing Plan Grid (Final Hi Res)

After a small victory in court this past July, NYC-based Aereo today announced a new set of pricing options and the end of the invitation-only rollout for the live broadcast TV over the Internet startup.

The service is still only available to those physically residing in New York City but for… Read full post »