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APRIL 12, 2012 6:27PM


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                              science and religion

Sometimes it's not so much as how we live our lives but why we may be living our lives the way that we currently do. For we all continually battle the need for self-preservation vs. thrivance or what Abraham Maslow called "self-actualization". And truly, this human experience is mainly concerned with and consumed by the search from within each individual soul for a union of opposites. Even much of what we have come to understand scientifically about the way our universe works parallels this wisdom. Science and Spirituality not only must be reconciled, but in many ways, they already are. It all depends upon the Observer, which is not just New Age mystic mumbo-jumbo but is a fact verified by hard science, namely quantum mechanics and physics. The truths inherent within both Science and Philosophy are preexistent actualities which already converge to meet their peak of synthesis upon the fine point of a splendid cathedral of intellective architecture, conceding both God Within and God Without.

     Furthermore, we may never be able to sustain this sense of wholeness and blissful unity indefinitely, at least while dwelling within these current incarnations, but science and spirituality also both agree that all things are discontinuous by nature. The laws inherent in systems analysis enlighten us to the old scientific motto that "Chaos is order, just order of an infinite complexity."  And also one of my favorites, "Absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence." In continuum, we can at least strive with a sincerest effort to continue extending ourselves towards actualization in every precious moment of conscious effort and will.

     In finale, although the proverbial shadows will often seem to become most manifest as we strive for Truth and Unity as they loiter obnoxiously about that luminous effulgence which only a human soul striving for Truth can propagate, the nature of Truth is to merge the profane with the transcendent, the simple with the profound. For contrary to all worldly wisdom and cynical senitment, Truth is never more convenient, despite its seeming simplicity and its candour. We have been so miseducated by the leagues of organized religion to believe that we must live in continual striving for some sort of redemption or absolution, yet the simple but profound truth of the matter is: We are saved. We are whole. We are free-especially in our wretchedness, brokenness and enslavements.  In the end, all of the knowledge and wisdom of the world meets upon the same invaluable Apogee of Enlightenment: Integration is the only master key to open the portal of any Heavenly realm. As above, so below. As within, so without. Indeed.

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