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JANUARY 23, 2013 6:42PM


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We are whole when the suffering has ceased,

and we can see it for what it was all along-

Mercy, Absolution, Transcendence.


For when Love has been neglected,

and is felt once more-

is let into the Soul,

this experience carries with it,

its own paradoxical pangs of Loss, Grief.


For the past is no more,

and now a new eulogy must be composed

& sung, to gently coax with ambient lullaby,

the demons to sleep,

until they, too have forgotten their

cause for Lamentation & Rage.


And now may we see ourselves

as the prodigal Sons & Daughters

of our true Father & Master above,

no longer prostrated as we were,

before the altar of the Dark One,

the pulse quickening

with each new barricade erected,

our blood running ever arsenic beneath

thickened skin.


Yet though the afflictions of past worlds

leave their indelible imprints

upon both  Psyche & Soma,

we must come to believe that they

can no longer destroy,

as the grace of God's Love now embraced,

may flow militantly unkempt.


And all of a sudden,

we find ourselves indescribably changed,

in the twinkling of an eye

we find ourselves reborn,

from the acidic yet nutrient-rich

Womb of Epektasis,

Mother to the Soul's gradual ascension

towards that of its ultimate perfection.


For we must remember,

that all beings Divine must first descend

to each their own Hades. 

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