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May 28



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MAY 7, 2012 8:54PM

Love in the afternoon

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May 7, 2012



In the heat

Of the afternoon

The earth gives up its secret smells

They waft like silken scarves


Upon the heavy humid wind

In layers intermingled

Irises and orange blossoms, jasmine

And a scent of mint.


Further in there's something

Darker emanating from

The underside of life.

Essences of animals and fur


And all the insects of the soil

Releasing what they've held

And stored, the winter long.

And in a patch of insect drifting sun


Rising up from vegetation

Crushed by napping deer

The smell of grass

The hint of dirt. And overhead


The God rays filtering through

The branches of the trees.

They are moving in the breeze.

Birdsong echoes limb to limb.


In this quiet zone you realize

Life openly consorting with itself.

No living thing escapes

Its scintillating love.






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Just right

(*not a repeat - just a similar feeling*)

What a treat! I just read this in between home-schooling my son and grocery list and it brought me to a lovely place.
All my favorite scents and senses; "Life openly consorting with itself". This is one of my favorite poems, Spike. I missed reading you.
Thanks, heidibeth
Glad to see you back, Sky!
Andrea, so glad to share the space with you.
Fusun, always, I so appreciate your being here