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AUGUST 13, 2012 10:52AM

Making Preserves

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"To love that well/ that thou must leave ere long"

That is the tricky part
I sense a holding back
As if unpinning, one by one
Each photograph that fastened on

Makes up the picture that is me
As if dismantling my image
I can face the parting
When it comes, intact.

Last night I dreamed I lost my keys
And, on assignment, couldn't find my camera.
I was cold and disbelieving in my dread.
I didn't wake, but stayed in bed.

Today the peaches, pears and prunes are in.
My trees have braved the drought, their roots
Have drunk from under river sources.
We are fortunate this year.

They have made their bargains with the sun.
The river staggers onward past the vineyards'
Sucking pipes and is diminished
But continues, though in places dry.

I am moving cautiously today.
The peaches in their jars, the pears
So glorious in wine, the prunes, in winter
Will be bites of immortality, all mine.

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Thank you, Spike. Your words create the images that feed my soul and calm any spirits that may be upheaved. I bask in the echo of your wisdom.

Thank you, Fusun. I am so glad to share with you what I see.