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May 28



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SEPTEMBER 4, 2012 10:59AM


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September 1, 2012


Blue moon nesting in the western trees at four
Inky garden waking, singing low
The sound afloat on waves of crickets' tones

In the room, a string of sound, high G
On which as if by clothes pins hangs
The sounds of ticking clock
Refrigerator hum
The muffled sighing in the other room
As the sleeping dreamer turns

What of this is not to love?
I read about catastrophes
A death a continent away, reported
For it's oddity and because the dead was
Just a clowning boy
What's that to me?

Tick tock

Today they say they're killing elephants 
By the tens of thousands
More than any other time
And all the rest of us so cognizant
That precious life on earth is finite

And what can I do?
My fate has turned a sudden page
Downsizing, as they say, has set me free
It's nothing personal. It happens every day
But it's a headliner to me

Breathe, that's right

Yesterday, as I was on a kind of liberation walk
I saw my neighbor pacing in his robe in his garage
He was scrutinizing all the shelves of ancient books and tools
As if on one of them he'd find his name
Or some part of his identity he'd lost

Up until his early eighties, in the dark days of Iraq
He'd drive the hour to Berkeley twice a week
His group was working, so he said, on bringing peace 
Now he can't remember where he put his shoes

I deliberated whether to cross the street
After all he seemed all right
And plus I wasn't sure he'd know me
Though he'd brought me flowers for the last ten years
At the moment I  wasn't sure I had the generosity to care
In my present trouble, as it were

Kindness won and when I called his name
He slowly turned then stared at me
White hair straight up, grey eyes bright in hazy sun
He held out his hand and said, Do you need a hug?

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Hug, hug, hug, hug, hug.......... ;-)

You sound at peace, under the blue moon.
Might as well be, Lea, right?