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DECEMBER 14, 2011 11:51AM

Repost: Today I Quit Bank of America

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Today I Quit Bank of America

This need not be a long or complicated essay. It is my moral duty to not participate in institutions or endeavors I consider evil. Therefore, beginning today I will open an account at the San Francisco Fire Credit Union, then close my account with Bank of America. We all have the choice to VOTE against Wall Street. Join me! Send them a message loud and clear!!

I am also making my New Year’s resolution early:

I will no longer buy merchandise from China! I’m sick and tired of things that break and bleed and disintegrate and off-gas toxins into the air I breathe. Screw you Wal-Mart! I am totally conscious that cheaper simply means more profit for the crook in the middle. It does nothing for the worker or the consumer. 

I promise to remember the picked too green peaches, the picked too soon watery avocados, the (moldy) out of season blueberries, the tough chewy tortured chicken and pork. So screw big agribusiness too!

And screw big pharma. In spite of my unbearable headaches on Spare the Air Days, in spite of the Asthma Attacks triggered by soup thick smog, secondhand cigarette smoke, toxic unregulated perfumes and candles and so called air fresheners, I will not take your drugs! Why? Because I understand that you are an opportunist! Because I understand that the drugs are not designed to help me. They are designed to make you profit and excuse the polluters from their responsibility for creating the SICK environment I am forced to endure. You want me to believe I am sick, that I am weak, that it’s my fault. You want me to be afraid so you can make profit. But I am smarter than you think. My body is doing exactly what it’s designed to do. It is telling me I should get away from poison. But that poison makes a lot of profit for a lot of powerful people. And your drug is designed to short circuit my body’s warning system so they can continue to make profit by slowly killing us all.

Screw all of you! 

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For those who have wondered where I've been. It will take a long and very thoughtful post to explain! Coming soon!
I was wondering...look forward to your post coming soon! And I will try to shop more locally, although it's slim pickings as far as the veggies go this time of year. :)
I've been trying to avoid Made in China for several months. Man, is it hard! But it can be done. Trying to do the locovore thing as well, but need recipes on some strange tubers and such! :-) Got a great T-shirt this summer from Lennie's in Bloomington, Indiana: Think Globally, Drink Locally. Yeah, baby.
I have noticed several image enhancing adverts on TV, made by B of A, noting how they have helped small business people for decades (they say).

Well, speaking as a 4th generation San Franciscan whose grandfather was a friend of A. P. Giannini, the founder of the Bank of America, what *passes* for B of A has absolutely no relationship with the San Francisco Bank of America, other than the fact that Nationsbank of Charlotte, NC hijacked its name for itself.

But in truth, the bank lost its soul in 1985 when A.P.'s daughter Clare resigned her seat on the board of directors, stating "I have watched three successive administrations stray further and further from the policies and practices that were such a vital part of my father's leadership: a willingness to place the human needs of ordinary people above private ambition, and a realization that the bank was less a place of work for its thousands of employees than an extended family of fellow workers."