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JUNE 17, 2012 10:26AM

Fathers' Day 2012 (All You Need Is Love)

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Two Dads 
There's nothing you can do that can't be done 
Welcome to the 21st century 

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Interesting way to post.

Happy Fathers' Day.

You a father?
I'm an Uncle. But sometimes I think there is no difference.
Happy Father´s day... hugs from Colombia
Love.. much love
Cool post
Happy Father's Day!
Wonderful take on today...thanks for reminding us.
This is dedicated to all of the fathers who have had the courage to follow their dreams in spite of those who choose to hate them. I am grateful and especially proud of my brothers who have chosen to adopt unwanted children. Parents look at their children as a reflection of themselves, wanting a life for their children that is a little better than their own. That is what Gay men want for their adopted children. A life where all you need is love.
Excellent... hope you're enjoying the weekend with nephews, nieces and such.
Yes, Happy Father's Day. What fathers can do is let their children know they are loved just the way they are. R :-)
What a unique way to celebrate this day--we forget about all the ways there are to parent children. I read a remarkable book about a young man with two mothers, too, and I'm so glad the children of these couples are beginning to speak out and lay all those old, unfounded fears to rest. Gotta check out all those links now--thank you!
Very good, SpiritMan! Really like the was you did this, and that you did. Watched Oprah with Neil and David which answered my question - the way two same sex parents are distinguished by their children. With Neil and David, one is Daddy and the other is Pa Pa.

Isn't this the first year that father's day ads are featuring 2 dad families? Quite the milestone.
Happy Father's Day. All of this love...is a good thing.
This is so cool, SpiritMan; thanks for the links. Happy Father's Day, my friend. R
All males of the species are father figures to the young.
Just as all females are mothering models for the young.
Their innate natures as sensate, sexual beings have little or no bearing on that capacity.
Oh Man who great is this!? r.
Terrence's song made me smile and get teary at the same time. Do you remember a TV show called My Two Dads? It's an old one starring Greg Evigan. I thought by now such a family would be almost unremarkable. Neil Patrick Harris for a dad? Lucky kids!

Wonderful post for an important day.

I owe you an enormous debt for posting this blog. I have, for more than 50 years, tried my best to be a thoughtful and considerate friend to those of my acquaintance who are "other oriented."

Yet I slipped up.

I hadn't missed the importance of treating those who I know who are in dual mother families, the same as mothers in single mother families when such days as Mother's' Day come along. But, somehow, I'll be damned if I know how, it completely escaped me that the same recognition is due to those families where the dual gender parents are men.

How could I have missed that?!

I really have no excuse or explanation. Let me make this promise here and now; This WILL NOT happen again! So to all you male parents out there whom I ignored previously.....

~~~~~~ᴼᴥƪ ~~~HAPPY FATHERS' DAY!~~~ᴼᴥƪ~~~~~~

Very nice!

Hey, Mauricio!
Nice post, Happy Fathers Day!
With so many children born into dysfunctional families where they are unwanted, I find it the ban on gay and lesbian adoption incomprehensible. People who think it's better to leave kids in homes where parents emotionally, physically and sexually abuse them aren't thinking clearly.
Right on! This is so full of hope and joy.
All great pieces. There really isn't much difference between fathers and uncles.
"I'm an Uncle. But sometimes I think there is no difference."

Same here.

Rated, my friend!
Parental love is parental love. Period.
You have made your mark quite wonderfully here on this day!