JULY 29, 2009 1:26PM

Nigel Kennedy is one cool cat

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 I saw a Nigel Kennedy concert on TV and fell in love with his absolute genius.  Nigel Kennedy was dubbed a violin "prodigy” and played at Carnegie Hall at the age of 16, and later earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for his recording of Vivalidi’s “The Four Seasons”.  One of his more popular albums is The Kennedy Experience, featuring Jimi Hendrix songs.

This is long, as some instrumentals are, but worth listening to as you read (plus, it’s super cool! Go ahead & skip ahead on the player if you want. The really good stuff starts at about 2 minutes in):


So when I got this little rascal in 1990:




I already knew what I would name him. Most people don’t give last names to their pets.  I do.

Now my Nigel Kennedy was no genius, but he was a “good” cat, as far as cats go.  He was always a bit skittish and wary of other people, but for some reason he just clung to me. I guess I made him feel safe.  Or maybe it's just that I smell good.

Throughout the years, he has refereed fights (Holly kept these 2 when I moved to Philly):



Sebastian Bach & Chuck Taylor


I want a clean fight. No scratching, no biting…


He has helped me move:




He’s very adept at packing the boxes, but not so much at actually moving them.


He also has the “Stretch Armstrong” super power:  



(Which is virtually useless since he cannot stand on 2 feet and lacks the thumbs/dexterity required to grab objects—I’ll have to keep using a step stool to reach the high shelves in the kitchen)


He even managed to fight off the evil Ezra Pound (who is dearly departed and missed tremendously but that's a whole other post):




And he’s really good at hanging out:



Lately he has taken to helping me write posts, pay bills online, check email, etc.  While I appreciate the company, using the keyboard requires me to awkwardly swivel to the left and try not to bang his head with the slide-out shelf :


I swear he knows all my passwords…


Yeah, he’s an old cat now, suffering from slight dementia, hearing loss and is a plain old curmudgeon at times, but he stills knows how to live it up:




When he finally "goes", I don't think I'll get another cat. Not for a very long time, at least.


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Have you ever heard the song, "Cool For Cats," by the band, "Squeeze?"
Thanks for sharing the great photos.

RATED for Nigel
Pets are wonderful! My Lucy sends your Nigel peace and love.
Cat people! (sigh) Rated :)
I have a cat named "Smoke" who truly believes he is a dog. He will have nothing to do with the other cats and perfers to eat and sleep with the dogs...go figure.

You got him in 1990? Wow, he really is getting up there in age isn't he. Well here's to Nigel; may you have many more happy times with him.
In the great division of humanity that separates us into 'cat' people and 'dog' people, I will admit to being a cat person. And I believe the best cat I ever had - who looked surprisingly similar to Nigel Kennedy - also had two names. We called him Otis Taylor because he had great hands (paws); he could actually catch/em> things.

And though you do probably smell good, I'm sure Nigel clings to you because cool cats know to stick together.
Thank you for sharing this feline feast of beauty and oh so cool names. rAted!
littlewillie: love Squeeze! Black Coffee in Bed was one of my faves!
randy: Meow to Lucy!
Harp: I know, I know...I'd have a dog, but I don't have the space, yard, or time for one.
Wally: Yup, he's a "geezer"!
Lonnie: Otis Taylor--great! My Ezra Pound could catch things too--it's a pretty funny sight, huh?
Mr. Mustard: Always happy to share and glad you liked!
Hoop: to steal from Freaky... :::GASP::: I'm so jealousing that you met him! I am familiar with the concertos you mentioned and you are right! Glad to hear there's another Nigel fan on OS...
I love dogs and cats equally and only wish my dog would like anything four legged (he doesn't). You DO smell good. I held you close to me in Las Vegas and will attest to it. xoxo
Nigel is a sweetie. Love the sink photo! My Bryn and "Fatty" aka Mitchell send their regards. It may be time for a "cute off" between cat pics!
Your cats are well named.
Nope, SM, you're a cat lady. My four send Nigel paws up.
cartouche: thanks, but it really goes to D&G (classic/red) ;-)
emma: awww, I loved your cats too! no "cute off" - too dificult to decide!
Steve: STEVE BLEVINS would be an awesome name for a cat.
AshKW: right back at ya!
Great name for a really good looking cat!

I only have one question...why is there a Budweiser can in your toothbrush holder?
First of all, if you didn't spoil him so much, you could DEFINITELY get him to move boxes! I know lazy when I see it. Plus, he has no job?? Sheeesh! You've really spoiled him. You know what I did? Start leaving the want ads in his littler box - feel free to circle any jobs he's eligible for. They just raised the minimum wage for God's sake.

Second of all, my old dog had a full name; "Doctor Raul Duke." I wanted to call him Raul but somehow he ended up with Dukie. He's gone now but in his prime, he was an excellent crane operator - big bucks - I think you know what I'm trying to say here. Kept me in sushi for years - that shit can get expensive.

I miss him - he was an earner.
Buffy: ha ha...that pic was from 1991 and honestly, I don't know. It just fit good.

Duane: LMFAO! Thank you, for infusing some brilliant sarcasm into these comments! Just what I needed today. :-)
Padraig: I am glad you stopped by! I have just returned from reading about Aston Villa and they are quite the team to be reckoned with!
As for Squeeze, I missed them (of course) at the Summer Pops Festival in Liverpool this summer. I can only hope to catch them someday in the U.S.
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