JANUARY 10, 2010 4:45PM

Aluminum: “NO. Bad dog!”

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Since he has such a nice, shiny coat, I decided to name him Diamond.

Besides, they say "diamonds are a girl's best friend."

I think he’s an ancestor of the MONOPOLY®  dog.





He’s quite smart and learned “sit” and “stay” immediately.




He likes to “play dead” a lot, too.




However, I caught him peeing in the house once.




Then one day, I came home to discover that he had pooped on the kitchen floor!




I decided he should be put in a cage when I am not at home…at least until he’s housebroken.







Blame Cat for putting ideas in my head with her Open Call.

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Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go walk the dog...
it's moments like this...!
Hah! At least you don't need to worry about fleas:)
I LOVE this - how creative and the monopoly dog was always my favorite... You are a clever woman and can sculpt - obviously out of anything. Fab and BTW - I keep wondering why you are single with that witty unique mind of yours!
My kind of dog. I love this!
I don't know, Spotted. Dogs are a very big responsibility. You may have bitten off more than you can chew.
How'd you get his coat so shiny?

You ever heard of Freebirds? The burrito place, not the song. They wrap every burrito in foil and proudly hang all their customers' creations on clotheslines throughout the restaurant. Not many look as good as your Diamond, though.
If you tire of him you can always sell him to a recycler - some of them are said to be humane, even.
Oh god, spotted... I think I love you.

That has a slight resemblance to the demonic puppy hiding somewhere right now in my house. Don't look directly in their eyes, they are quite scary. You do the greatest things with foil....o/e
That's too funny! That's the kind of poop I wouldn't mind cleaning up.
Will he rust if you leave him outside?
Ha ,that was clever, your tags are insane
Chuck: Now I’m really curious to know what the rest of your thought was. ;-)
Nana: Yup. And no vet bills either. Just need to keep some foil handy to patch him up.
Leonde: Thank you—you’re too kind. I have now realized that all my exes crushed my creative nature. Woe is the next man who comes along…”Hey babe? Wanna help me make a phone outta toothpicks?” ;-)
Sweetfeet: He’s yours, but let me warn you, he doesn’t play well with other animals.
Latethink: LOL!! But seriously, one time I forgot and left him in the cage for a whole week. Bad OWNER. ;-)
WAH: He’s not very good on a leash, though. I just end up dragging him behind me.
Skeletnwmn: Aw, thanks…and Freebirds sounds very cool! Where is it located?
Jane: No, thank you! Glad you liked!
ClarkK: I figured I’d just give him (free) to someone with a more suitable home, but hey! If I can cash in on this, I could use the money! :-)
o/e: That’s why I made this one without any eyes… ;-)
Mrs. Michaels: I’m not sure if he’ll rust, but I also don’t give him baths. I’m terrible.
LuluandPhoebe: Love that you came over today! And now that you mention it, it is a bit chilly here. Perhaps I shall construct him a sweater out of waxed paper. :-)
Ron67: Where have you been!?!?!? Yup—the tags are always what goes through my head before AND after I hit the “publish” button.
You my friend are missing an oar, hah! I love this. Whats B? You going to make an aluminum Buffalo?
OMG...I forgot CK--must've been a mental thing after she professed her love for me

CK: I love you too. xoxoxo :-)

and "BAM!" back atcha.
Scanner: Took me a minute, but I just realized this falls in with the other Open Call for "A." This was the Metal Open Call, but I could probably whip-up a buffalo... LOL!
Ms. mind.
You're quite a sculptress, however I was a little surprised the dog had no spots? :)
@JK: You scared Diamond when you snuck up like that! ;-)
Just don't get a wax paper cat or you will have no end of trouble between the two of them.
Lacey: (Sorry dear, I lost track). Yes, the clean up is easier, but it still gets stuck in the tread of shoes... :-)
neilpaul: (Geez, I am crazy for missing you too!) He does not clog pores or cause an allergic reaction.

Ms Scarlett: I don't know nothin' about spots on dogs! (Sorry, couldn't stop myself). :-)

Ocular: I understand--they would just fight.
Banging my head against my mirror ha, ha did you see the flick yet
Brilliant! And shiny . . .
Love it and your new canine friend. Make sure you have him neutered though or the dog homes may not be able to cope with the influx of little diamonds.
"i tried brushing him and ripped off his leg" - you crap me up lady!
Oh my, that was an honest-to-God typo...but funny in some obscure, doggie reference kind of way. At least in my mind. ;0
shiny coat? sheeeeeeeesh!
spotted, trying to keep up with all these Open Calls, be there metal, letters or whatever should be posted somewhere. And there should be just one person doing it. I am so confused, duh!
Um, spotted...is the cable out? Making aluminum foil dogs? ;)

This was hilarious..."peeing" on the chair leg was my favorite pictures.
i love your puppy, spot! probably doesn't bark and make a lot of noise, huh?

reminds me a little of when those fancy restaurants wrap your leftovers in foil that they shape to look like a swan. or a loon. a loon would work. or even a sparrow?
Laughing my ass off! Girl you are crazy....in a good way!
Owl: LOL! Come back here! :-)
Linda: Ah—good thinking. {runs off to construct a larger cage, too}
Sparking: No, you crack ME up!! Very nice brain hiccup! :-)
Scottish Triggier: Oh, come on! That was good!
Scanner: It’s okay, I still like you.
Smithery: I know, right? *SIGH* And that’s actually the coffee table leg he ruined.
femme: Pterodactyl? ;-)
Rated - because I am always the dog in Monopoly.
Spots, how clever you are. That is so funny, especially when he pooped in the floor. You made me laugh. Out loud!
Spotted, this is the coolest, most creative thing ever. Thanks for the smile!
Thank goodness you learned to cage him! No telling what that mutt would get into. GREAT FUN!
Lunchlady: Thanks for qualifying the "crazy" with "good"--glad to make you laugh!
cominghome: Thanks! So I'll guess I'll be the shoe...
Sharon: LOL back atcha! Good to hear you laugh. xoxoxo
Lisa: Thanks so much! Don't encourage me though ;-)
mypsyche: LOL! Honestly, he is a handful...
Pilgrim: How funny! That was the title that first came to me when I decided on aluminum! You know what they say about thinking alike... ;-)
So creative and funny and weird! I love it.
ha! I loved this. Now to keep myself from going for the kitchen and foiling some sort of creation. ha that was great, Spotted.
Your genius definitely shines through, but I'm with Scanner on these open calls. All I know is that if it is "foodie" it must be Tuesday.
Oh and you forgot one other bonus to Diamond the Dog...he doesn't shed. I swear that one day I'll die of hair inhalation. Sensational and silly and so happy I wandered this way!
so handy too! you can wear him on your head, legs up, in case of alien invasion.
Joan: Thank you for those three words—means a lot to me! :-)
Amanda: Foil away! Glad you enjoyed this.
FusunA: Thanks for coming over! “Foodie” always marks Tuesday for me as well. :-)
Aqwsma27: I need some dog toys, and perhaps a very tiny sweater—got any of those?
A~Muse: Silly is as silly does. Thanks, new friend!
Gabby Abby: LMAO! That’s great—I wish I had thought to incorporate that in my post! He could be like one of those rain bonnets that comes all folded up. Nice!
BL4: Yay! So happy that you loved it, as I assume that comes along with a big smile! xoxoxo
this is fucking hilarious. I can't stop laughing. it's the kind of thing I love, ridiculous insanity.

this deserves la tiara! tinfoil tiara at the very least!
Monkey: Awesome! If I can get a "fucking" along with a "hilarious," it's a good day. Thanks!
Stellaa: Thanks--me too, actually! I had thought about it and finally executed this morning before enough coffee... ;-)
Best laugh I had all day. Now THAT's a metal post.
Thank God I'm not the only one who's


I see a book in your future..... take that dog out and about! Don't forget the camera!
You have a fine mind. This was something else. The poop knocked me off the chair. You are too funny!
I am beginning to think that the writers here on OS will do just about anything except write. Great way to divert yourself and tell a story. The only problem I see with your new little friend is that s/he is not going to be very cuddly at night, and will do you no good at all on one of those "three dog nights."
best way to end a long day ever!!!!
I bet now there will be a "Foil Animal Friday" or some such thing! hmm. not a bad idea. Great post Spotted. This is how I like my dogs.
I completely meant my last comment as a joke. Anyone who knows me that, if I'm washing dishes or re-arranging my closets, I'm "supposed" to be writing. I apologize if the comment came across as heavy-handed. It was never intended to harsh anyone's buzz.
Kathy: Awwww...thanks! :-)
MAWB: Fortunately, I've been storing up the crazy for many years. {makes mental note to send one autographed copy of 1st book to Lois} :-)
Doc: Glad I could make you laugh! I'll have to see how well Diamond does in the car if we're taking "the show" on the road...
flw: Yes, well he's not allowed in the bed anymore. I've already rolled over & crushed him twice. ;-)
mamoore: Yay! xoxoxo
Trilogy: I'll bring him along if I'm ever in your area. We can share custody, or maybe you'll construct a friend for him to play with!
He seems very well-behaved to me. I'm sure there's a market in pet stores for this type of no hassle pet. You might be on to something.
flw: No worries! Thanks for clarifying. :-)
Ger: Oh great. Now EVERYBODY will want one. I only have one roll of foil in my cabinet... ;-)
Never bite this dog. If you have fillings, in your teeth it will zap you but good. Cute, funny, original, clever. Tee hee!
This is hysterical! Gotta love that dog poop--you don't need plastic gloves to pick it up!
You are so creative! And he's so realistic!
As long as he/it doesn't get anywhere near my teeth, I'm fine.
I absolutely love this!! Well done. ty for the smile!
jimmymac: Gah! Like nails on a chalkboard...I assure you, I will never put Diamond in my mouth!
Karin: It doesn't stink up the place, either! :-)
Cindy Ross: I thought about making him some teeth, but then he looked more like a monster, so "no"...you're safe!
xenonlit: Cool--glad you liked! :-)
cartouche: yes, but why would you want to bite my dog? Even
with mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut, etc. I am sure he tastes awful!
;-) xoxoxo
mztracyr: Hey, good to see you! As for smiles, I have plenty to give away! :-)
What a cute doggie you´ve got! I make pet paper frogs, by the way... (and I am married...!)
Marcela: Thanks, and good to know there is hope for someone like me! ;-) You're sweet. xoxoxo
I am very stoked to give this post its 50th rate. And I wonder something similar to what Leonde wondered, but I suspect the answer is because, for now, you wanna be.

I think you're awesome, anyhow...
Is your dog a descendant of the tinfoil pure breeds?
There is something so precious about your wittle alum-a-dog. I love him.
He's so cute! He really does look like the Monopoly dog. Great idea.
Brilliant and creative. This metal post ROCKED!
Oh yeah!! this is a METAL post--you win!! you win!! Maybe there's a tin tiara in it for ya... and one for your little dog too!
Lonnie: And I am duly stoked to have you give it! Right back atcha with the awesomeness. xoxoxo
Stim: LOL! Yes, I do believe, but not to be confused with the Reynolds variety.
Caroline: Thanks! But don't squeeze him too hard--you'll crush him. :-)
Blue in TX: I thought about making the Monopoly Hat Token, but what fun would that be? ;-)
Natalie: Cool--glad you liked it--thanks!
Gabby Abby: Let Cat know--I'm not sure if you get to vote on it or not, but thanks! :-)
My gosh, I am so sorry I wasn't around yesterday and missed this post! I have laughed at various posts but never in my 3 month career at OS have I scared my dog with an out loud bwahhhHAAAAHH!!! And yes... it was the poop that did it. I know it will make you think I'm nothing better than a kindergarten boy but aluminum poop just gave me projectile laughing.

I will re-... um... read (I guess... sure, that's it... re-read) this many times. It is such an incredibly creative idea... on top of being hilarious.

Ten thumbs up (people tell me I'm all thumbs.) Well... twenty if you count my toes.
Oh PS... Originally I thought he may have had a little... shall we say "surgical enhancement." The boy was very definitely a boy (in the first picture) and seemed quite proud of his boy-hood. Then I realized it was his fourth leg.

The dog peeing in the house was about the most hysterical thing I've ever seen!!! OK, and the poop.

OMGosh, I've never used the word "POOP" in a comment before!!!
Gwen: Silly, silly... :-)
Chris: Yeah, the poop got to a lot of people! However, you are the first claim "projectile laughing." I'm deeply honored to have caused this. As for the anatomy of Diamond, I see your point in photo #1, but that was purely unintentional. Glad you liked so much! :-)
OM: LOL--your Smithery liked that peeing shot too! And sorry I made you say "poop" in a comment. ;-)
I didn't even notice his comment! Too funny. I guess I had to use it sooner or later. I could link this to 1IrritatedMom's post and say, "Poop, there it is!" But that would be degrading.
OM: LOL! You're funny. :-)
This was my kind of humor!! Rated!
denverdarling: Good to know I'm not alone! :-)
Susan: yes, and you can touch it with your BARE hands! ;-)
I cannot believe I missed this post! This is brilliant. And funny. And brilliant. And very funny. I'm still laughing at the lifted leg and the "cage." Brilliant. And very, very, funny.
Rated and appreciated.
Oh, Hi Dennis!
Brilliant & funny--thanks! Glad you found your way here and I could make you laugh! :-)
This was really cute and adorable..
So funny, but I think your pet would make the perfect fetch toy for dailyforeclosure's cat.
fireeyes: Aw, thanks! Just think of all the animals you could "build" with the grandbabies! ;-)
Cat: Better late than never and thank you for providing the inspiration! xoxoxo
Nora: Yes, I can just see it--that would be a riot! Thanks for coming over--glad you liked this. :-)
I hope you had him neutered. If not, can I have a puppy ?
You win, Spotted. I give up. You win.
"What breed of dog is that?"

"It's an aluminum terrier!"

Hilarious! Oh the trials of housebreaking an aluminum dog!
Rosycheeks: Sure I could sculpt you a puppy! How about a kitten to go with ? :-)
Frank: COOL! Wait. What did I win? If it's a Slanty Bold, I'll take it!
Shiral: Glad you got a chuckle! "Aluminum Terrier"...HAHAHAHAHA!
Isn't that the dog you taught to beg for cigarettes during the big bike race?
madmomma: OMFG! Vintage "Kids in the Hall" reference--LOVE IT!!!
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