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JANUARY 27, 2013 11:57AM

OS is up again.

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Looks like OS is up and running again, at least for awhile. I stopped posting on Squeakin' By after my other account got canned. This blog will stay the same and I'll post more recipies and money saving stuff as I can.


I notice registration has been suspended so maybe Sugarman can get my old account going again---I'll tone down the more un-PC politics a bit as I have other blogs for that now.

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A bot oversimplified . This from Godon Duff senior editor at Veterans Today:

http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/01/22/adl-owns-www-ratfacedjews-com/My comments to the minions of gut toting veterans, whose sons compose the Armed Services, and whose fathers are each equal to one thousand liberals

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Jack Heart · Top Commenter · 53 years old

Because of their inherent xenophobia for all that is not Jewish the Jewish people are the most easily led people on the face of the earth. They are impervious to the scholarship, logic, and evidentiary reasoning, of the gentile’s. They blindly follow their Rabbi’s who in turn blindly follow their Frankest hedonist overlords who so long ago climbed into bed with the European aristocracy. The same aristocracy that gave us the Bush’s. The same aristocracy that financed the holocaust, and the same aristocracy who have set them up as bowling pins to take the fall when the laws of nature finally audit their globalist schemes. The Jew has been history's useful idiot for thousands of years. Those who have been raised among them know that they are on a whole well educated and generous to a flaw. They have one tragic flaw that has condemned them to burn throughout the pages of occidental history. As Louis Farrakhan once noted they never know when to quit. By publishing information like this Gordon Duff is probably the best friend the Jewish people have yet he will be roundly criticized as an anti Semite by their self appointed pseudo intelligentsia who blindly follow the insidious agendas of their puppet masters.

Reply · 1 · Like · Follow Post · January 23 at 12:25pm

John Sholtes · Top Commenter · The Ohio State University


Reply · 1 · Like · January 23 at 4:28pm

Shalom Juitsie · Top Commenter · Harvard University

who cares if the jew owned media criticizes us-their agenda does not include freedom for the commoners-if the jew has a generous heart towards non jews, it's either because he is not following biblical teaching or the gentile can be of use to him....and, then, when they go political inservice of their race-watch out-no amount of disinfo is too much, no amount of carnage is too great- and there is no limit to what they will spend to get what they want-quit worrying about impressing Wolf Blitzer-it can't be done!

Reply · 1 · Like · January 23 at 6:22pm

Jack Heart · Top Commenter · 53 years old

You people are not from NYC so I don't really expect you to know Jews. Believe me the majority of them are not corrupt politicians and degenerate media moguls. Why don't you take a ride through Brooklyn. You will have to take my word for it but my sentiments are with you and if ever any of you decide to stop typing and start fighting I will gladly take the point. What I am pointing out here is that they are showing you the Jew with one hand and with the other they are reaching into your back pocket and taking your wallet and your freedom. And when you all do finally work up the nerve, which surely you will, you will attack the Jew. Just as they planned. History, our history, western history, has proven over and over again that whether you march the Jew out onto a mudflat and watch the tide come in or you burn them by the milli...See More

Reply · 1 · Like · January 23 at 8:11pm

Nick Gibson

Yep...Rothschild Zionists...

Reply · Like · Thursday at 12:56am

Shalom Juitsie · Top Commenter · Harvard University

We're lookin for a way-diss us if you want-oh, I think I'll join a jew infiltrated Occupy movement where we can't mention 911 or Sandy Hook or anything that implicates them. Like I said we are looking for a way and this "jewess" will side with anybody who believes in real representative government and real freedom of the press, and a real independent media and real judges that don't ignore the constitution to help the cronies. You in?

Reply · 2 · Unlike · Thursday at 9:48pm

Shalom Juitsie · Top Commenter · Harvard University

Jack Heart about the trinkets-a bit simplified, but the money helped- about the millions died- in your mind baby(what you think is true is just as good as being true) here is a quote I wrote today, butt before I leave it-I personally see jewish suffering during WWII as typical and considering all in all, they pretty much ended with a big plus before reparations are even thought about ,which disgusts me to no end. These ppl orchestrated WWII,perpetrated a major hoax ,and have the nerve to charge the defeateds for this hoax even to this day-where's the fuckin humanity in that?Now for the quote,"
Amazing how we all empathize with supposed holocaust victims and hear their personal stories. Ever wonder why the jewish Bolshevik holocaust of Russia is referred to, vaguely, in a way similar to citing collateral damage reports in a war zone-no details given no personal family horror stories suffered by Russian gentile bourgiossie or farm land owners?Two eevents a few years apart- one event "we must never forget" , the other, intentionally ignored-Shalom Shalom Juitsie"

Reply · 2 · Unlike · Thursday at 10:07pm
Jack, I'm kind of getting past the point of blame for our troubles. The boulder has been pushed off the hill and nothing can stop it.

See: http://www.dailyjobcuts.com/

Businesses are shutting down in my area and reducing employee hours to get around Obongocare. I'm even lining up people who may be able to take care of my family once SHTF day gets here---which will be just around the corner.