NOVEMBER 21, 2009 4:11PM

Soothing Our Savage Breast

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The last few days I've been shooting a series of test images, getting to know my dslr:  comparing lenses, zooming, exposure settings and the like. Much of it found the little waste basket icon on the display to come in very handy but I thought I'd share several I would call keepers.

Starting with a neighbor who makes nice things in a setting which to many of us around here is church, or perhaps some other word. I meant no offense. He carved the following sign which hangs by the entrance.

edward_abbey_abbey The Edward Abbey Abbey
First Church of the Thick Cortex and OpposingThumb


These neighbors look out onto a meadow full of birds, grasses and aspens - their pond a recognized flyway water feature to birders in the know. Someday I'll set up the tripod and try to capture them. Here's a very November like scene.

aspencadia November in "The Meadow"


Another neighbor couple lucked out when they bought their land as it had an undisturbed piece of antiquated farming equipment. It sits in that very same meadow.

reaper Don't Fear the Rusted Reaper


Finally here's the log cabin in which we lived from 1976-1982, before we moved up the hill to our present location. It hasn't been lived in for a very long time and I would warn everyone about hanta virus dangers before poking around in it. At one time we had a black poly hose running from the nearby spring into the kitchen sink and out the drain, on all the time, making a lovely burbling sound. Now it's a fond memory.

paxton_cabin Log (from Blammo)




Geek Alert!

1. abbey
lens 18-55 zoom
aperture priority
focal length 18mm
1/500 sec
f 3.5
iso 200

2.aspen grove
lens 70-210 zoom
landscape exposure program
focal length 210mm
1/160 sec
f 8
iso 200

3. reaper
lens 70-210 zoom
landscape exposure program
focal length 210mm
1/160 sec
f 14
iso 200

4. paxton cabin
lens 70-210 zoom
aperture priority
focal length 210mm
1/320 sec
f 29
iso 1600



A Definite "Keeper"

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It's Log, Log,
It's big, It's heavy, it's wood!
It's Log, Log,
it's better than bad, it's good!
There's something that causes me pause when I see rusted farm equipment long forgotten in the overgrown fields. I consider it to be lost art rediscovered. ~R~
Came directly from Gary to you... wow, am suffused by glorious images and the stories they conjure. I have to say, I love the Rusted Reaper best.
I sprayed extra water on it just for OS Sally. Chuck, I'll not thrash with you on that one.
Of course I will - wait - sorry - that's your name. My bad. Thank you ever so. (If I were more stupid I'd be know.)
These are great! I really like the reaper shot, but then I keep going back to the meadow. Its geometry is mesmerizing.

Oh, and great song to end with!
Steve - it's my pet reclamation project. And thanks.
You’re an artist with a heart for peace. That’s the best combination possible in my poor opinion. Thank you very much for these, for the Dire Straits video, and for the insight on your former cabin.

Dennis - Roger F. got it right and closed comments. I don't know whether to laugh or throw a fit. Help Dr. Amy! No, really!
Great Post and you can never go wrong with Brothers In Arms!
S - That song is the one. La ultima. The rest is a work in progress. Thanks.
Geek it up Stacy. Awesome pics. The cabin with the gurgle sink... yeah! I bet that reaper was a bitch to reap with.
Most people don't of (or care less about) Edward Abbey, but I do.....

And. That is the best Dire Straits album ever. Yes, when I first bought it, it was an album. Mark Knopfler is da shit.

Great post Mon.
As always Stacey, great pics. If it's OK with the proprietor, I'd like to go into retreat at the Edward Abbey Abbey and hone my eco-sabotage skills.
Trig - just so's ya nose, ah hates the izzy utube tear gherkin. But ah knows you want holt it agains me. His just seemsa fit hair mon. (Sorry for the tear-stain let her.)

[Waitin' for the van to call.]
Nan - You are demain. Hone - so that's what the youth are calling it.
Stacey, it's great to see that your Sony camera is working out for you! Nice to see additional photos from your neck of the woods (and fields). It looks like you have read the manual carefully and are already using different ASA settings, f- stops and a couple of different lenses.

I have an old sickle mower along the lines of the one you show. It's a horse drawn McCormick model that came as part of the equipment with my grandparents' farm purchase back in the early '30s.

The hanta virus is something we don't hear a lot about but I know of a student from my college who died from it when he was exposed to it at his parents' weekend home in the Hamptons. He must have been in the basement or attic to pick that up, I figured.
D - I shan't make light of any illness, though when I told my bandmates I was a little hoarse, they responded in a tick that I was a big ass.
Wait just a goddam minute. I was already crying my pathetic soul out here and now my "favorites" are leaving a blank page behind. If you're all going to some new networking site, God speed.

If it's something I said - fuck me - you don't need me to be authentic at a time like this. For Pete's sake (who the hell is Pete anyway) I am just cornfused as hell and demand (okay request - okay would really like to know of - okay you want a beer?) a summary or an easy to digest rendition at the very least explanation of what in the hell is going on at my beloved OS. (Off to listen to Dire Straits one more time whilst freaking out instead of cooking supper. You explain it to Martha - I've run out of shit, ya know?)
you have a good eye for composition, and apparently live in an interesting neighborhood, I'd like to learn more about it, including the log cabin years
wow, you live in a great place for taking photos. More please!

***runs out crying and snorting***
Thank you Roy - I hope to do that soon.

Zuma - I've got to finish up some construction before deep winter sets in but I intend to continue posting photographs. Thanks for stopping by.

Peter - Coming from an artist, I am simply overwhelmed by your supportive comment. Thank you.
Oh man---this is great. Seconding Roy.That cabin has stories and a Knopfler soundtrack all over it!
Roger - these are mist covered mountains, made from baptisms of fire. Literally. I hope to come remotely close to obliging.

And thank you.
I think I dated a guy that looked like the rusted reaper once.
O'Really? - Ouch!

A great good morning chuckle - thanks.
Stacy, this pics are great and I can't wait to read all your back posts my friend.
'Tis a good thing to be back on OS. Good luck with those logs and God bless you my man!
I will have to share this with my daughters and Bruce. Familiar and beloved scenes, all. You are doing a great job with your camera, and music choices, Stacey. I was thinking the other day about looking out the window at the reaper while I did my dishes in the little birdhouse, if we ever get it far enough along to wash dishes in...Here is a link to recent progress on the birdhouse...[]=1634505931&p[]=184413305142
Well, that was wierd - let me know if it worked...who knows what I just did...Susan
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