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Stacey Youdin

Stacey Youdin
July 03
Veteran of the Southwest honky-tonk circuit. Homeowner slash builder, photographer, musician, and of course pajama-wearing, guitar-player pundit. I ask only two things: (1) please don't message me when you have something new. I start every session here on the most recent page, filtered by my favo(u)rites. (2) When you comment, it reassures me you've approached the piece as what the quaint of heart like to call a 'reader.' I have a lovely wife, fantastic friends and two charming cats. What else is there?


DECEMBER 3, 2011 5:47PM

Just Like Dick Clark's Blues

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"Oh man come on" as Howlin' Wolf once said
You can't be even close to being real
"Compared to what?" will not put this to bed
Nor will your precious standing in the field
As Bachmann spoke of vaccinations' harm
Cain's voltage turned toward neighbors to the south
Newt's Freddie Mac funds, pocketed, still warm
You never even opened up your mouth
Say anything you must to reach your quest
Or better yet say nothing you'll regret
As others flame, you'll pass their simplest test
You're not Barack Obama, that they'll vet
     No matter what the grooming tools you use
     You leave me with the Just Like Dick Clark's Blues

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It's my turn to serve up a fabulous dinner. I shall check you later, salonistas.
Ha, a perfect compliment to designanator's "Callista in the Sky with Diamonds" that I just listened to!
Thanks Steve. Heading over to D's now.

(I appreciate the cogent analysis in your latest post.)
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