JANUARY 30, 2012 8:00PM

Rhyming Poetry and Clichés About My Soul

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FAIR WARNING: I have embedded large images so that the viewer may zoom the browser without fear of pixelation.
They also link to a flicKr page where desktop aficionados may open larger versions.
Remember: copyright exists. It just does.
I'm hoping that the scissor-bot that edits my "welcome" page has let you read this in time - explaining some totally archetypal, unnecessary redundancies and tenses which require more characters than the more straightforward ones of everyday speech - in case you have a slow

Played with the f stop's invisible hand
Hoping to capture my view of the land
Worse than not seeing the beets for the borscht
Must be not seeing the tree for the forest


Mood moss on the forest floor
If that's what you really are
One's imagination says
Lord High Pack Rat's lost his fez


What makes the lichen grow this way
A stitch toward tapestry each day
As if there were a master plan
That's wielded by some random hand?
While we were hunkering down inside
And straight line winds tore through town
Airborne debris took its toll outside
Sap's evidence trickling down

Go on and hit the snooze, Buster
Hibernate some more
I've scoured every oak cluster
This is all I saw

How the sunlight unwraps the dormant hues
It's peeling back the snow
If it weren't for a case of dry creek blues
Our mountain stream would flow

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Lovely, words and images; both.
Rita - thank you so very much.
Ooh. so clear and beautiful! Worth every second of the page load!
This is great. Loved the oak cluster especially.


Nice to hear from you. Comments like yours make a great start to the day and I'm grateful you made the time. Thanks.
It all started with Trudge162 talking about scanner's short story at Haggard & Halloo and the publication of his "Sensuous Moment" there as well. Both are worth a visit and a revisit.

If you go to their publisher's submissions page, there is the most unambiguous guideline given: "Your Submission - Note: We do not accept rhyming poetry or cliches about your soul."

Hence the title of this self-published work.

Or as my mentor and hero, Bugs Bunny, often says: "you know this means war."
Stacey ~ these are beautiful depth of focus shots! These photos really jump off the screen with their sharpness and make me want to look around my area for some depth of focus pics to shoot, as well.
D - I have a camera backpack that let's me bring more of the kit than just the one lens. I used it all on this walk. Thanks for your comment and enjoy your trip around the place.