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Stacey Youdin

Stacey Youdin
July 03
Veteran of the Southwest honky-tonk circuit. Homeowner slash builder, photographer, musician, and of course pajama-wearing, guitar-player pundit. I ask only two things: (1) please don't message me when you have something new. I start every session here on the most recent page, filtered by my favo(u)rites. (2) When you comment, it reassures me you've approached the piece as what the quaint of heart like to call a 'reader.' I have a lovely wife, fantastic friends and two charming cats. What else is there?


FEBRUARY 12, 2012 5:20PM

Gingrich Calls Out Romney

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It is a contact sport!
Stacey, I think I'm going to need a riding helmet before this election is over, too! Thanks for the funny take on all of this!
In the words of the 20th Century prophet Buddy Holly "That'll be the day!"
Oh please let them choose so we can get rid of most of them!!!!
Ah yes, St. Newt is all, like, above dogwhistlism...
FYI: Romney's lapel sports an authentic hound caller.

Hey all...
You could have just enjoyed a quick snicker and moved along, but you took a moment to add a nice comment, and for that I thank you.