APRIL 3, 2012 7:50PM

Sneak Preview: Tomorrow's Mega-Super-Viral Photoblog

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A talking, animated, mega-super-viral photoblog?
The same weather system which brought havoc to the DFW "metroplex" in recent hours looked like this earlier today. I had planned on some "darkroom" time to process a series on texture when this most adorable of interlopers loped along.
The snow you see is now gone; such is the soul of the spring snow. The deer and her cohort have moved along, perhaps to return when we have some good lettuces.
But by the time I had processed this one photograph and took a break in front of the 24/7, I learned that our light dusting of powder with a chance of "aw" had been translated quickly into overturned semi's and strewn about cars, splintered castles and flattened common spaces.
My heart goes out to those in the paths.
On a scale from "Mr. Art James needs to go to the public library or his best friend's T-1 line enabled office," to "I work for the government so bandwidth is not a problem," I have chosen the ever-dangerous middle path.
These pix fit within the column width of OS with little overage but I invite the savvy reader, who has a moment in these busy times, to click any image which links to my Flickr image page and select "view all sizes" from the "actions" menu.
For those on a handheld, kindly tell "the cloud" to remind you when you're back at your desktop, laptop, or high-power tablet. 
The original, print-worthy files are understandably tucked away, but please enjoy these web-worthy copies.
Why do those Frodo-centric spectaculars always have the "old man of a tree?"
I don't know. Perhaps it's intrinsically characteristic - about anything that's going on 300 years old.
Spacial textures, like those you may reach out and feel, are the first learned.
Visual textures rely on such tools as "find lines between colors."
Jagged or smooth, they are the mind's creation.
So long as you have the mind involved, one can spin a visual into almost anything, even when the thing which is there for the touching is a burnt-out juniper log with carbon-based craquelure, not the alligator bark expected of its species.
I am frequently drawn to such intersections of spacial and visual textures.
The metamorphic rock called "schist" often contains formerly sedimentary elements like muds and sandstones in combination with perhaps a mica component, under years of pressure and change.
Around here, it's basaltics in the mix. And lichen on top.
Textures - pixels on monitor - 2012 - Stacey Youdin

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Stacey ~ hard to believe...more snow in your area! Thanks for another beautiful photo essay with these latest super crisp images!
This is one fantastic photo essay! It should be mega viral in it's own right....
Stacey these are marvelous, thank you. I really love the first tree, I'm itching to touch it. Rush Limbaugh in metaphor? Hahahahaha! Moe and Jeanne Valjean are gorgeous.

I'm no good with a camera which makes me appreciate great photography even more.
D - it was a fluke, as it's been dry as a bone for too long. About as much respite in terms of moisture as a short light drizzle. I appreciate your comment greatly.

zuma - all righty then. You've made it so. Thanks.

l'Heure - thanks for wandering around the blog. That is the most rewarding kind of feedback. I appreciate the compliment as well.
Haven't used those chains enough this year? They are art now, rather than utility.
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